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Extra High Strength Vitamin B6 Tablets - 100mg

Helps maintain healthy skin & hormonal balance

Extra High Strength Vitamin B6 100mg main product image
Extra High Strength Vitamin B6 100mg tablet view
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  • Helps regulation of hormonal activity
  • Popular for women during their monthly cycle
  • A popular partner to Evening Primrose Oil
  • A popular partner to Starflower Oil
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In Stock

Supplement Description

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) is a very busy member of the B vitamin family, it is involved in many functions within the body and can affect your energy levels, mood, appetite, sleep, and thinking. You need it to fight off infections, turn food into energy, and help your blood carry oxygen all around the body. 

Vitamin B6 is involved in the synthesis of red blood cells as well as helping to release energy from protein and carbohydrates in food. It's no surprise that low levels are associated with tiredness and fatigue.

It is involved in producing the neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and GABA in the brain which are important compounds for mood regulation and to fight depression, pain, fatigue and anxiety. Vitamin B6 contributes to the formation of myelin and plays a pivotal role in brain glucose function therefore has a big role in the nervous system and psychological function.

Helps regulate hormonal activity

Vitamin B6 also regulates hormonal activity - it can help boost progesterone production to counteract excess estrogen which is a top cause of hormonal dysfunction. B6 supports the development of the corpus luteum, which is where all your progesterone originates, and it also works with your liver enzymes to remove excess estrogen from the body.

This is one of the most popular B Vitamins to be taken on its own, with millions of women choosing to take it during their monthly cycle, often along with evening primrose oil or starflower oil.

It is thought that vitamin B6 helps with PMS because of its positive effects on specific neurotransmitters that are responsible for pain management in the brain as well as its ability to increase blood flow and manage hormones. It's often recommended for women who experience frequent PMS symptoms to take B complex vitamins regularly.

Has a wide range of regulated health benefits

Including contribution to:

  • normal cysteine synthesis
  • normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • normal functioning of the nervous system
  • normal homocysteine metabolism
  • normal protein and glycogen metabolism
  • normal psychological function
  • normal red blood cell formation
  • the normal function of the immune system
  • the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • the regulation of hormonal activity

Vitamin B6 combines well with Evening Primrose Oil or Starflower Oil

Product Information

Extra High Strength Vitamin B6 100mg tablet view
Tablet Size
11mm Round
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Customer Reviews for Extra High Strength Vitamin B6 100mg

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Overall product rating 9.8 / 10 - 54 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Extra High Strength Vitamin B6 from 54 reviews (showing latest 25 reviews)
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Service rating: Always excellent quality and reasonable prices
Product: Always good quality and good price
Service rating: I use 4 of these products every month.i have tried to change to a different cheaper brand an have changed back,find these vitimins very effective as I don’t take hrt treatment these virimins have everything I need!
Product: My daughter takes these an finds them amazing,I’ve started taking them too!
Service rating: Excellent service
Product: Excellent service thank you
Service rating: Their website is easy to navigate, and the packaging is simple and efficient.
we have all been taking Viatmin D for years.
Product: I feel we all benefit especially on dull, dreary days. No one gets enough sunshine in the UK from October to April.
Good quality vitamins at a fair price, and delivered quickly
Great products at competitive prices.
Well packaged and delivered very promptly.
Great service, which we will use regularly.
The service is first class. Deliveries come very speedily and all items are just what has been promised. I can highly recommend them.
Service rating: Always a great service. Great value and good products.

Used for a few years and their deals work at at fantastic value for money/postage
Product: Great for hormonal changes
Service rating: Quick and easy to order. Arrived quickly.
Product: Good quality. Quick delivery.
Service rating: Good packaging, immediate delivery, too big for letterbox but safe at PO to collect
Product: I guess we'll have to wait and see how they turn far so good.
Great service.
Service rating: A expected. Thanks
Product: As always and as expected. Thanks
Good quality, well packed and arrived before time
fast and efficient +fair pricing.
Service rating: Extremt snabb leverans! Är mycket nöjd.
Product: Känner välbefinnandet öka.
Service rating: Good website-easy to use. Great vitamins-good quality. Delivery quick and items well packaged.
Product: Good quality...….I am not keen on the bags but just transfer them to containers.
Service rating: Good quick service.
Product: Good product., have used before and they are useful.
Service rating: Easy to use website good choice and fast delivery
Product: I used this supplement a few years ago and it worked well but had trouble finding it until now
Excellent Service
Service rating: So glad I found this site as was paying a fortune elsewhere, no issues with their service whatsoever
Product: Need to take this due to thyroid issues which has many symptoms, these with on my swelling legs
Service rating: Fast delivery. A great product.
Product: a great product.I am very pleased.
Service rating: Fast shipping, good packing, great products! Thank you very much!
Product: Quality/prce ratio = excellent!
Excellent service , Swift delivery and great value for money , I rarely buy on line as I do not like giving access to my card but they are very trustworthy!
Service rating: Prompt delivery service. Product value for money.
Product: Excellent service and delivery. Value for money. Was advised to take this supplement after back surgery to help to repair nerve damage

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