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Vitamin D Supplements

Commonly known as the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D helps to build strong bones and healthy teeth. Vitamin D is synthesised in the skin following exposure to sunlight and most healthy adults should be able to get enough Vitamin D from being outside in the sun. Unfortunately in the UK in the winter there isn’t so much opportunity to geta daily dose of sunshine, particularly for people who are not able to spend much time outdoors..

All Vitamin D Supplements

Not sure which Vitamin D Supplements to choose? Read our latest customer reviews:

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Product Name
10 Oct 2018
Service Rating: I have to take vitamin D supplements for medical reasons, so it is important that I purchase a quality product. I have ordered two lots of D3 from them without any problems. I love the pouches that they are packaged in because they fir through the letterbox.
Product: I have to take vitamin D3 because my GP discovered that my pains were due to me being vitamin D deficient.
09 Oct 2018
Ease of order excellent, delivery excellent but packaging of pills too big otherwise a 5 star
08 Oct 2018
Service Rating: The service from Just Vitamins is Just Marvellous! Products are top quality, extremely well paxkaged, and very competitively priced...I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.
Product: Taking vitamin D3 as advised by the doctor. I have a skin condition which means I must stay out of the sun, and a recent blood test showed I was lacking in vitamin D. It's also advised for many older people to see them through the winter months too, so my wife actually takes it as well. All good!
08 Oct 2018
Service Rating: Great prices and quick delivery
Product: Best price around. Taking it due to feeling lethargic and thought it might help.
07 Oct 2018
Service Rating: prompt and well packaged
Product: seems to be helping - two weeks in
04 Oct 2018
Service Rating: Speedy delivery, letterbox friendly packaging, competative prices.
Product: I take this supplement to improve my intake of Vitamin D. It is thought that in the Northern hemisphere we have inadequate amounts of sunlight resulting in potential low levels of vit D in our bodies.
27 Sep 2018
Service Rating: Punctual good Packaging
Product: What I was expecting from the order
22 Sep 2018
Service Rating: Fast efficient service. Well packaged.
Product: Easy to swallow seems to be doing its job
21 Sep 2018
First class service
19 Sep 2018
Great product, great service
18 Sep 2018
Service Rating: Quality products at very reasonable prices. Prompt delivery.
Product: Good quality, taken on medical advice
16 Sep 2018
Always buy my vitamin supplements from Just Vitamins - excellent, prompt service.
16 Sep 2018
Website easy to use, easy to order, quick delivery.
12 Sep 2018
Service Rating: Quick efficient service. I like the packaging too, it fits through the letterbox. The Acidopilus + work better than anything I've tried. I use them all the time now.
Product: I have much more energy than 3 months ago. I realised I was not getting enough time outdoors in the sun and since this was unlikely to change, decided on taking High Strength Vit D.
12 Sep 2018
Service Rating: Very quick service
Product: Works well, feel much better
12 Sep 2018
Service Rating: The tablets came the very next day first class service
Product: My husband is the one using them and he says they are really good
10 Sep 2018
Service Rating: A good product, at a good price. Sensibly packed and quickly delivered. I would certainly buy from them again and recommend them to friends and family.
Product: I used to have Vitamin D tablets with Calcium prescribed by my NHS GP. Being an oldie, my prescriptions cost me nothing. Suddenly I have been told that I can buy them more cheaply on the internet! She won't prescribe them any longer. Obviously I feel a bit aggrieved, but at least I can get a good supply from Just Vitamins.
07 Sep 2018
have bought from just vitamins over many years. price and delivery very good.
06 Sep 2018
Service Rating: Usual efficient service
Product: D3 to help with a skin condition