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Red Clover Isoflavones Capsules - 40mg

For use during and after the Menopause

59 reviews9810080
  • Provides 40mg Isoflavones in each capsule
  • Identical strength to the 'well known brands'
  • For during and after the Menopause
  • Vegetarian, soya free capsule
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Only 22.2p per capsule
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In Stock

Supplement Description

Red Clover is a perennial herb that commonly grows wild in meadows throughout Europe & Asia. It is used by many women to help with menopausal symptoms, due to the unique properties of the Isoflavone content within.

Isoflavone phytonutrients are a key component of the Japanese diet and the unusually healthy profile of the elder population is often attributed to their high isoflavone consumption. The European and Japanese diets do differ considerably though and it can be difficult to achieve the levels of consumption of beans, peas and lentils required, so that is where use of a supplement can be highly effective.

Just Vitamins Red Clover Isoflavones is supplied as a vegetarian capsule containing our high-potency Red Clover standardised extract. Our extract is standardised to provide 20% of its content as Isoflavones, which gives an optimum level of 40mg of Isoflavones per capsule. Here at Just Vitamins, we only use raw materials such as this Red Clover extract that are fully traceable throughout all stages of the harvesting and manufacturing process, ensuring product quality and safety at every level.

There are 4 unique Isoflavones present in every capsule: Biochanin A, Formononetin, Genistein and Daidzein. The latter two Isoflavones also appear in Soya Isoflavones, but all four are only present in Red Clover Isoflavones.

Just Vitamins Red Clover Isoflavones are recommended for use during and after the Menopause. 

Product Information

Red Clover Isoflavones 40mg capsule view
Capsule Size
21.7mm x 7.65mm
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Customer Reviews for Red Clover Isoflavones 40mg

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Overall product rating 9.8 / 10 - 59 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Red Clover Isoflavones from 59 reviews (showing latest 25 reviews)
Review Date
Review Details
I've tried as a supplement for menopause period. I has been working and I feel myself less tired. I'm happy with that.
Service rating: Quick delivery
Product: Menopause symptoms
Service rating: Always prompt delivery
Product: Solves All my menopause problems
Service rating: Their products and packaging are great.

Brexit has made it less worth it for me, living in Denmark, to buy vitamins etc from Just Vitamins, unfortunately.
Product: I have used Just Vitamins Red Clover capsules for years, and have found great relief from many menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, sleep problems and lack of libido. The product gets 4 stars because I often find the capsules get stuck in my gullet. I wish JV made Red Clover tablets. I have found the combination of red clover and wild yam helpful too, but JV doesn't have wild yam..
I would recommend Justvitamins to my friends.
Service rating: We’re delivered very quickly and are a very good product
Product: Very good product and at a good price very pleased
Service rating: Great service, fast delivery and good quality
Product: Great guality, fast delivery
Service rating: All the staff were very friendly and very helpful. Yes I would order from them again. My first order from them was messed up by Royal Mailwho never delievered it so they posted my order again. It arrived this time.
Product: Helps with mood swings as ladies get olderr
Service rating: Red clover - I began taking red clover from well known aid to Menopause brand for approx 8 yrs. I quickly found that it may have helped menopausal symptoms but more importantly it kept my asthma under control.
I then also got acid reflux. I didnt know if there was a connection.
I decided to change to this brand of red clover to see if it helped the acid reflux.
since changing to this brand of red clover my acid reflux hasnt been half so troublesome.
Still keeping my asthma under control.
I tried a few days without it and had a nasty asthma episode.
Not sure if you should take it for 9 yrs as i have been doing but prefer it to having asthma attacks.
Product: I have explained this in first part
Service rating: Goods always arrive on time and in excellent condition
Product: At the moment I'm happy with my supplement, but it's early days at the moment
Service rating: Great service. Competitive pricing. No excessive packaging.
Product: Post menopausal and think my hot flushes are reducing.
Service rating: As always I was able to get my order sorted quickly and easily and it all arrived in good time. Happy that packaging is now environmentally friendly too. thanks everyone
Product: been using this for some time and it seems to work - emotions steady and minimal hot flushes now
Service rating: Fast delivery and well packaged. Website was easy to use and there is a wide range of products include the exact thing I was after so I was very happy. Will return.
Product: A well packaged premium product. I was struggling to find a high dose of Red Clover Isoflavinoids rather than Soya but had been recommended this specifically for peri-menopause / PMT symptoms. Early days and about 30 tablets later, I definitely can say I have had significantly reduced breast pain. Other symptoms although still apparent don't seem as bad. I'm not calling this a miracle cure and I still had an awful hormonal migraine but lasting just 1 day not 3! I think it is worth keeping taking these for a bit longer which is as much of an endorsement as you will get from me... along with 5 stars.
Service rating: Excellent product. Used to take promensil but prefer these. They seem to control my asthma.
Product: Suit me. Reasonable price. Very high standard supplement. Cant manage my asthma without them
Service rating: Very happy with price and service
Product: Excellent price and service
Service rating: Great product and fast delivery
Product: Early days but fingers crossed
Service rating: came in good time
Like the eco friendly packaging
Happy with the product
Product: Seems to stop the nasty sweating and mood swings, alongside sage.
Service rating: Excellent service. Fast delivery, easy to use website. Lots choice. Will definitely be back soon.
Product: This is great, make me feel much better with the menopause well worth it fully recommended
Service rating: Great service! Competitive pricing, fast delivery, great website and plenty of choices and offers!
Product: I tried these after reading all the reviews and I have to say I noticed the effect straight away. I will continue to use these, they come in a sealed vacuum pack which is ideal.
Service rating: Good choice of products, ordering was easy and product received promptly. Cross your fingers for me, that this vitamin helps my menopausal 😓
Product: Too soon to tell if this will help with menopausal sweat 😓
Service rating: Quick and reliable always good quality
Product: Does what it says makes me feel good
Service rating: Arrived as expected and on time
Posted through letter box.
Product: Ok but would like the isoflavones to be 40gms
Service rating: Great and always timely
Product: Find it good and helpful.
Service rating: Great service and product.
Red clover completely stopped my flushes within a week !
Product: Completely stopped my flushes within a week.
Service rating: They were delivered as expected. No problems with packaging or anything. Trying to find a cure for hot flushes but I am afraid I dont think its having much effect but I will keep taking them to see.
Product: I am taking them for hot flushes. I.have been taking them for at least 3 weeks but tbh I am not experiencing a lessening of them neither. It may work for some people and it's worth a try at this price.

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