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Multivitamins A-Zinc 50+ Tablets

Advanced multivitamin formulated for the over-50s with 34 nutrients

Multivitamins A-Zinc 50+ main product image
Multivitamins A-Zinc 50+ tablet view
454 reviews9610020
  • 28 nutrients at levels relevant to over 50s
  • With BioPerine® to aid absorption
  • Supports eyes, bones & immune system
  • A low priced long term product
Only 12.2p per tablet
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In Stock

Supplement Description

Fifty may be the new thirty, but we still have to pay extra attention to ourselves as we grow older. Just Vitamins Multi A-Z 50+ has been specially formulated to provide high levels of those nutrients that are required by the over 50s.

Specially formulated with specific additions for the over 50s

Our nutritional needs change as we get older so we have added some specific additional nutrients which you are unlikely see in any other Multivitamins. These are nutrients that our experts think will be a real help at this stage of life, including lutein, coenzyme Q10, friendly bacteria, and Green Tea. Green Tea enhances metabolism and contributes to the oxidation of fat, which may help in weight control as part of a healthy, active lifestyle. It also has strong antioxidant properties, protecting the body's tissues and cells from oxidative damage.

Unfortunately as the years pass the body's ability to absorb nutrients from food gets worse, so even if you are eating a fairly balanced diet most of the time you might not be getting quite as much of the beneficial nutrients from it as you think. Supplementation therefore provides a convenient safeguard to your health and well being.

Easy to swallow tablet  formulated for easy absorption

Each Just Vitamins Multi 50+ tablet is coated so that they are easy to swallow, and contain the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals that those aged 50 and over require. We have added BioPerine® (an extract from black pepper) to our tablet so increase the bioavailability of the nutrients and ensure that what you are taking is readily absorbed by the body. 

BioPerine® is a trademark of Sabinsa.

Product Information

Multivitamins A-Zinc 50+ tablet view
Tablet Size
22.5mm x 9.5mm
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Customer Reviews for Multivitamins A-Zinc 50+

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Overall product rating 9.6 / 10 - 454 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Multivitamins A-Zinc 50+ from 454 reviews (showing latest 25 reviews)
Review Date
Review Details
Service rating: I believe that my wellbeing is truly taken care of by these guys.
I trust what they do and would recommend them to everyone overv 50!
Product: Because women over 50 seem to lose so much through menopause, I've put my trust in supporting my future wellbeing with these multivitamins.
I feel strong and healthy.
Service rating: I found the website on Google... I was looking specifically for multivitamins for over 50s. Excellent quality and service. I never have had a problem with my orders. I have my order on schedule.
Product: Great all round multivitamin. I have low immune system, so I need to make sure I'm taking in a variety of vitamins, I feel confident that they are supporting my diet
Service rating: I order and Pay and you deliver, as it should be .
Product: The same as all these supplements .You take them because you hope and think they are helping your wellbeing. I dont feel any difference whatsoever when I take them or not.
Service rating: Been using for many years but think originally found online. Was disappointed to note that minimum spend for free delivery has gone up
Product: Age related macular degeneration
Service rating: Good range of vitamins and fast delivery. I like the low-waste packaging.
Product: They seem to help with general wellbeing
Service rating: Well packed product, easy website navigation and rapid delivery
Product: Taken for many years, seems to have everything for an older person
All went ok
Service rating: I was able to find vegetarian supplements easily. The service is always quick and reliable. I love the compostable packaging.
Product: I know I have taken the required daily amid vitamins. Even though I have a healthy, balanced diet, it’s always good to be sure.
Service rating: This asks for a review of service, which was great. Wouldn't it be a good idea to review the products also? I don't just get the multivitamins, I get other items all of which are good quality and a reasonable price.
Product: Been using these for years and wouldn't be without them. Excellent product at reasonable price - and it gets put through the letterbox. What more could one want?
Service rating: Initially found your website on a Google search a couple of years ago. Website is easy to use and delivery generally speedy. However I had to wait for a while for my last order as the vitamin pills I wanted were out of stock.
Product: I am not a great vegetable lover, so take these as an alternative.
Excellent products and fast service
Service rating: I wanted a basic well priced multi vitamin.
Product: Good price for multi vitamin
good website, good option of payments, delivered quickly. good products at good prices, all good
Service rating: Have already bought these again. Can’t say for sure that they are working.However I’m taking them alongside HRT tablets and Glucosamine for joints. Certainly doing no harm
Product: Taking it for good all round health
Service rating: Delivery very good indeed. The vitamins seem to have a good effect on my health. Price very good.
Product: Just to give my body a boost.
Service rating: Arrived really quickly and packaged well. I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence but I already feel much more energetic after 2 weeks. I was taking a different brand previously, one of which was more expensive, but these seem to be helping! Will definitely order again.
Product: Really good product and I’m taking it for general health as I’m a pollio-pescatarian
Two of the bags of vitamins I am not able to reseal as it's come apart at the side's, so needed to find other container's.
Service rating: i ordered tablets as usual and they arrived
Product: i eat badly blau blau blau
Service rating: Easy to use web site and speedy delivery
Product: Good to have all the vitamins in one tablet. One a day makes it easy to remember to take them too.
Always very efficient and swift service
Service rating: Great service arrived very fast and website and ordering was very easy to do
Product: I have been taking these a while now and my hair isn’t as knotty and not falling out as much. And my nails are finally growing with the menopause they have been bad.
Service rating: Good website, helpful info on the products, easy ordering, fast delivery and great price.
Product: Large tablets which might be a problem for some people. Been taking for about a month and don't know yet if they improve health or not. I've taken Multibionta for years but they're not easy to find now so trying these as an alternative.
Service rating: Easy to navigate site. Easy order process. Regular updates. Good value products. Biodegrade packaging.
Product: I get these for my brother who has poor health. These help him maintain a good vitamin and mineral balance especially when he is not eating so well.
Service rating: Great speedy service and love the packaging. Only been taking them a couple of weeks but easy to swallow and have no concerns.
Product: Not taken for very long is reason I haven’t given 5 stars

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