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Soya Isoflavones Tablets - 100mg

For hormonal support and regulation | Ideal for before and during the menopause

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Soya Isoflavones 100mg tablet view
326 reviews9610020
  • Best source of plant oestrogen
  • 40% isoflavone content per tablet
  • Guaranteed strength and quality
  • Popular with those experiencing the menopause
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Supplement Description

What are Soya Isoflavones? 

Soya is the best source of Phyto (plant-based) Oestrogens, and is rich in three particular Isoflavone compounds: Daidzin, Glycitin and Genistin.

Why take Soya Isoflavones? 

The onset of the menopause brings natural production of oestrogen down to much lower levels than a woman is used to. This change will often result in discomfort by way of hot-flushes, night-sweats, moods-swings and irritability - all uncomfortable effects that are usually treated by the introduction of additional oestrogens into the body through HRT or supplementation. These oestrogens can help to combat this crash, and restore balance to the bodies hormones.

Guaranteed strength and quality per tablet - the UK's strongest

Just Vitamins Soya Isoflavone tablet is produced using a 250mg Soya complex, which is standardised to provide 40% of its mass as isoflavones, giving 100mg of Soya Isoflavones per tablet - this is more than double the level of most other retailers.

Product Information

Soya Isoflavones 100mg tablet view
Tablet Size
22.5mm x 9.5mm
Cautions & Warnings
List of Ingredients
Recommended Intake
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Customer Reviews for Soya Isoflavones 100mg

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Overall product rating 9.6 / 10 - 326 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Soya Isoflavones from 326 reviews (showing latest 25 reviews)
Review Date
Review Details
Service rating: Taking one daily appears to have lessened my menopausal hot flushes
Product: Taking one daily appears to have lessened my menopausal hot flushes
Service rating: Very easy to navigate and process orders. This product really agrees with my wife's hormone balance as opposed to HRT. But, every person's metabolism is different so you just have to try to establish what agrees with you
Product: Just perfect for my wife's hormone balance
Service rating: Lots of choice and quick and easy check out. Delivery was also quick and efficient.
Product: They work to regulate and ease the menopausal process.
Service rating: Good quality supplements at affordable prices. Higher strength than high street counterparts.
Product: Good quality, high strength supplements at affordable prices.
Service rating: Great service, with a quality and value for money product. Will definitely purchase my refill from them in the future.
Product: I've switched to just vitamins when I saw an offer for an improved product at better value and have been pleasantly surprised that they are working as well as I could have hoped for.
This was my first purchase comment; I like the packaging, no plastic but recycle bag, can't comment the product yet, too soon to make any comments. Delivery took a little longer than other suppliers but it stated clearly on the site anyway, so far so good.
Service rating: Right after I placed the order, they put that item for 15% off offer! There is no integrity at all. Have been a customer for 15+ years and this is not fair!
Product: item ok quality been ordered
Feedback Response: Thank you for your continued loyalty over many years. As I can see from your order history you do regularly get our loyalty discount codes. The timings of some of our promotions unfortunately can be after someone has ordered, however that is something unavoidable as these items are being purchased every day. Integrity and honesty are core to both our supplements and our service values as I hope you can see over the past 15 years of shopping with us. You used a £3 loyalty voucher on your order which expired the next day and was equivalent to 16% of your order so I can assure you that you did not miss out on any savings in this case.
Service rating: i use just vitamins on a regular basis, the products are cost effective, well packaged and delivered in a timely manner.
Product: Great to use, balances my hormones
Service rating: arrived quickly and products are working
Product: worked to help put back oestrogen removed by Pfizzer vaccine
Service rating: i am new to justvitamins but in my experience with them,they have been on time with the delivery.I really like the website aswell ,simple to order .
Product: i am very happy that i found 100 mg of isoflavones ,all the other brands i have looked has less .The composition is great ,glycitein is low and i like it due to glycitein being weaker than the other two isoflavones .It works for me (i do not use it for menopause symptoms)
Service rating: Products are great.
Product: Great product.
Service rating: Not received order yet , hopefully will next week. Usually I would have received my order by now, will contact Just Vitamins if it doesn’t arrive next week.
Product: These are very good and help a great deal
Service rating: Arrived promptly with good communication
Product: Work well for reducing hot flushes
I started suffering with regular hot flushes because of peri menopause and after reading previous reviews on these vitamins I thought I would give them a try if only to give my desk fans a rest. I noticed a big difference after just 3 weeks where the hot flushes have virtually stopped with only about 1 or 2 per week. I am definitely buying these again as I am so pleased with the results and my Husband is definitely pleased now the duvet is staying in place through the night rather than off on off on and the window is not wide open anymore. Delivery was quick too.
Service rating: Easy to order. Informative website. Quick delivery
Product: Early days to see results
Service rating: A great service
Product: These seem to work! I am very happy.
Service rating: Great value for money, reliable, and speedy delivery too!
Product: Have used them for some years now and they do the job!!
Service rating: Good value for money. Efficient service. Easy to use
Product: Really helpful post menopause
Service rating: Received after few days.
Product: Supplement ok. Take it to help with menopause symptoms
Prompt delivery. Product as expected.
My wife has taken this supplement for my wife for many years, it seems to suit her very well and provides just the right balance of hormones.
Service rating: Good range of vitamins packed well took a week to arrive which is unusual but was probably due to Royal Mail
Product: There appear to do the job
Service rating: They got most of my order correct but one of the capsules I ordered was not vegetarian and I discovered it had glycerine which was bovine in origin. When I informed Just Vitamins I was told they were going to arrange for it to be sent back when I did not hear, I was then told to send it Return to Sender in the original packaging but the shop would not take the parcel because it had to have a label.

I then had to cut the box down to size so that it could be posted in a letterbox. I was not happy that when I read my email they expected me to pay recorded delivery post. Therefore, very disappointed with a company I have used for years.
Product: Always good excellent product
Service rating: All good as usual. Order arrived on time. Order was well packaged. Have used many times and will no doubt use again.
Product: Use these regularly, they have helped, so will continue. Come well packaged. Cannot say anymore.

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