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Starflower Oil Capsules - 1000mg

Our cold-pressed, 20% GLA customer favourite!

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  • Cold pressed, natural source starflower oil
  • Provides 178mg of GLA
  • Twice the GLA level of Evening Primrose Oil
  • Rigorously screened for safe PA levels
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Supplement Description

What is Starflower Oil? 

Also known as Borage Oil, Starflower Oil is a very rich source of the essential fatty acid Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA), in fact it has approximately twice the level found in Evening Primrose Oil. This is important to note as GLA is the active ingredient within the supplement that does the work.

Why take a Starflower Oil Supplement?

The body cannot produce GLA therefore it must be obtained in our diets and as we age our natural body levels also reduce.

Its properties have several benefits but it has become popular in recent times for women to take at particular times of the month. GLA is an Omega 6 fatty acid which is used by the body to make certain hormones.

High quality cold-pressed extraction

We only use cold-pressed Starflower Oil in this supplement.  Some other Starflower Oil capsules on the market often include material that has been extracted using solvents, but we only use mechanically extracted oils as the delicate properties of the supplement can be damaged by other extraction methods.

Screened for safe toxicity levels

The Starflower plant naturally contains pyrrolizidine alkaloid (PA) which is a substance toxic to humans - if ingested in large amounts. You have nothing to be concerned about with our capsules though, as we rigorously screen for safe PA levels. The Starflower Oil that we use is certified to contain levels of less than 1µg of PA per kg of oil. For reference, one of our Starflower Oil 1000mg capsules contains 0.001kg of oil, with the safe guideline being no more than 1µg of PA per adult, per day.

Product Information

Starflower Oil 1000mg capsule view
Capsule Size
24mm x 9mm
Cautions & Warnings
List of Ingredients
Recommended Intake
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Customer Reviews for Starflower Oil 1000mg

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Overall product rating 9.6 / 10 - 619 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Starflower Oil from 619 reviews (showing latest 25 reviews)
Review Date
Review Details
Service rating: Full marks all round! Easy to use website and good delivery.
Product: I take Starflower Oil to alleviate breast pain.
The delivery was swift and the zip style pouches are excellent.
Service rating: Website very easy to use, nice & clear
Product: I have been using this for years, general women's health
Service rating: Great service, price and product!
Product: I need Galemic acid, which is in it as well as other benefits. Never had any side effects.
Service rating: Double the amount of GLA that I use to help with my MS.
Product: Double the level of GLA to help with my MS
I have been taking Starflower for years. It helps with hot flushes & keeps my bones supple a lovely product.
Excellent quality Vitamins. Swift delivery. I would recommend this company I have used them for some time.
Service rating: Good service and quick recieving it. Had it for years. Happy with it.
Product: Had it for years so continue taking them.
Service rating: Highly recommend this product for quality. & service. Capsule easy to swallow and natural cinte.
Product: I prefer Starflower to Evening Primrose. Easily absorbed and do not upset my stomach. I was recommended to take them for breast pains.
Always very quick to send my order
Service rating: All good experience until delivery. The courier let them down, left order in a random place, not clearly requested safe and dry place! And did not tell me they had delivered!! By the time I questioned and found package it was soaked however contents undamaged. Which was lucky as the invoice and return form included was for someone else’s order!
Product: Seems good quality, reasonable price compared to others.
Service rating: Always look for the best price and quick delivery
Product: I believe these are good to help with keeping your blood pressure regulated and improve circulation
Very good service . Was recommended by my daughter who also gets them and provided the information about just vitamins and her being a mother of 2 young children herself thought i wuold benefit from them also
Service rating: I was very happy with delivery and how quick they came after I had ordered them. Would order again.
Product: Great service and delivery was quick.
Service rating: Been taking for 6 weeks and have noticed the severity of my hot flashes has reduced and they're not so frequent. Hoping, with a bit more time, that they'll be gone entirely soon.

Arrived in good time. I like the packaging.

Haven't had to contact customer service so can't comment on that.

Have already recommended to a friend.
Product: Seems to be working well.

Taking for hot flashes. Hoping to see other benefits as well in time.
Very Good!
Service rating: Great service arrived very quickly and let’s hope it gives me the help I need to get through the menopause
Product: I only been taking for a couple a weeks and I believe u need to try for at least a month to see the difference but I have noticed that my hot sweats have reduced a little
Efficient service and recyclable packaging
Service rating: Just vitamins provided a fast service, love starflower and that just vitamins provides it in larger pack supply. Thank you for quick delivery straight to My door.
Product: Fab product that I have been taking for a while now.
Service rating: Excellent! Always well packaged and quick delivery, good prices too!
Product: I fully believe in what these capsules give off!
Service rating: Quick delivery and arrived in good condition due to sensible packaging. Vitamins came in very large quantities which will last me months, unlike others I’ve bought and paid a lot of money, usually for just one or two months supply. I have long covid fatigue so hopefully my purchase is helping to build me up again.
Product: I have reached the menopause and everything feels like I’m drying out and itchy. I was recommended to try evening primrose oil to help with some of my symptoms as I’m unable to have HRT. Having done some research I discovered that Starflower has more of what I need than evening primrose oil so ordered that instead. I haven’t been taking it long so can’t say if it’s going to work yet. However the capsules are easy for me to take and don’t seem to be giving me any unwanted side effects. I’m pleased with my purchase and I will continue using it. I’ll definitely be ordering it again from Just Vitamins. It was easy to order and read the information
Service rating: Fab as always, quick, correct & great quality.
Product: Does the trick for me....
Service rating: Quick and efficient. Well packaged, I would happily recommend.
Product: Havent started them yet. Purchased for haircare/hormones
Great Service
Service rating: Fantastic speedy responses and delivery!
Product: Fantastic value for money!
Service rating: Service excellent. Swift delivery. Good quality vitamins & extremely well priced. I would definitely recommend.
Product: I take staroil & evening primrose to help with the menopause

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