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High Strength Calcium Citrate Capsules - 500mg

A highly bio-available form of Calcium

249 reviews9810020
  • New higher-strength, vegetarian capsule
  • Faster absorption vs. Calcium Carbonate
  • Supports bone, teeth & muscle health
  • Stomach-sensitive form of calcium
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Only 9.4p per capsule
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In Stock

Supplement Description

Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in the body, where it plays a number of important roles.

Essential for healthy bones and teeth

Some of the primary roles which calcium plays in the body are:

  • Maintenance of normal bones and teeth
  • Normal muscle function and neurotransmission
  • Regulating muscle contractions, including heartbeat 
  • Ensuring blood clots normally

Highly bioavailable premium formulation

Most calcium supplements contain Calcium Carbonate, however our Calcium capsules use a citrate form which is more easily absorbed and carries all the same benefits. It may be of particular benefit to those who are sensitive to antacids or who have difficulty producing adequate stomach acid; Calcium Carbonate carries a risk of the stomach overcompensating by producing more acid while Calcium Citrate has no effect on stomach acid.

Formulated to maximise absorption into the body

The high bioavailability of Calcium Citrate, combined with the ease of absorption makes this form of Calcium particularly suitable for those aged 65 and over. For those on the go, it's a convenient option too, as Citrate can be taken without food, will dissolve quicker and is absorbed faster into the body compared with regular Calcium Carbonate.

Just two of our improved Calcium Citrate capsules contains 1000mg of Citrate, which provides 210mg of elemental Calcium (Ca) in a vegetarian capsule shell.


Product Information

High Strength Calcium Citrate capsule view
Capsule Size
21.7mm x 7.65mm
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Customer Reviews for High Strength Calcium Citrate

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Overall product rating 9.8 / 10 - 249 customers have independently reviewed and recommend High Strength Calcium Citrate from 249 reviews (showing latest 25 reviews)
Review Date
Review Details
Service rating: Easy to order with good delivery and products packaged well
Product: Easy to take, not had any upset stomach’s as I have had with other calcium supplements.
Good products. Fast efficient service at a reasonable price.
Service rating: Easy to order and arrived quickly. Kept updated when dispatched overall a good experience.
Product: Calcium citrate easy to swallow capsules better than large carbonate ones. Easier on the stomach.
Taking for osteoporosis too early to say whether having any impact.
Service rating: Website easy to navigate , good choice of products . Royal Mail delivered on time
Product: Great to find a calcium citrate supplement with nothing added . Easy to take capsule .
Excellent products and delivery
Thank you, everything is fine
Item delivered quite quickly, website easy to negotiate and payment by card was efficient.
Service rating: Really fast delivery and great product
Product: Great product will buy again
Service rating: Excellent service - no complaints at all.
Product: Excellent supplement - menopausal reasons
Service rating: The products came on time. Nothing else to say.
Product: Can't say other than average. How can I tell after a couple of months if this supplement is any good?
Service rating: Quick service and easy to order
Product: Don’t like taking tablets and capsules are qiuick and easy to swallow. I take them for bone strengthening.
Service rating: Ordering and paying easy, your response very quick, no problems at all

Not sure about ordering again because I don't know if I should be getting calcium on a NHS prescription
Product: can't rate it because I've no way of knowing if it does the job
Service rating: Great quality product with speedy delivery thanks
Product: easy to swollow and quality product
Service rating: Google search
Product: I have Osteopenia and have sensitive tummy
Tablets easy to take and are good value and the ingredients are good and do not upset my tummy
Definitely would recommend
Quick service & good packaging
Service rating: Excellent service and high quality calcium tablets.
Product: High quality calcium tablets.
Only company that I could find who have calcium in form I need
Service rating: Way to use, quick to find desired product
Product: High dose calcium in a rice capsule - no additives or fillers and easy to digest. No digestive issues causes
Very speedy and slick service.
I would recommend them happily. The service is prompt and the supplies are more difficult to find elsewhere
Service rating: Swift, fast, good delivery
Product: Easy to take, not sure how it digests but it seems fine
Service rating: Efficient and prompt service.I would buy from them again and I would recommend them .
Product: To help strengthen my bones .
Service rating: Good service, prompt delivery
Product: Have only been taking the supplement for a short time but unlike the calcium carbonate that I was prescribed by my Dr for osteopenia, the calcium citrate is more easy to digest and doesn’t upset my stomach
Service rating: Service was good. I had a good experience with them
Product: Well the calcium dosage I bought is a little confusing as on the front of the package says 500mg but then on the back it says 1000mg of calcium citrate providing 210mg of calcium and if that is all is a very low dosage that probably I wouldn't have bothered to buy.
Very quick and efficient service.

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