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High Strength Calcium Citrate Capsules - 500mg

A highly bio-available form of Calcium

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Key features

  • New higher-strength, vegetarian capsule
  • Faster absorption vs. Calcium Carbonate
  • Supports bone, teeth & muscle health
  • Stomach-sensitive form of calcium
High Strength Calcium Citrate capsule view
Capsule Size
19mm x 6mm (2-piece) capsule

Calcium is the most abundant mineral found in the body, where it plays a number of important roles.

Essential for healthy bones and teeth

Some of the primary roles which calcium plays in the body are:

  • Maintenance of normal bones and teeth
  • Normal muscle function and neurotransmission
  • Regulating muscle contractions, including heartbeat 
  • Ensuring blood clots normally

Highly bioavailable premium formulation

Most Calcium supplements contain Calcium Carbonate, however our Calcium tablets use a citrate form which is more easily absorbed and carries all the same benefits. It may be of particular benefit to those who are sensitive to antacids or who have difficulty producing adequate stomach acid; Calcium Carbonate carries a risk of the stomach overcompensating by producing more acid while Calcium Citrate has no effect on stomach acid.

Formulated to maximise absorption into the body

The high bioavailability of Calcium Citrate, combined with the ease of absorption makes this form of Calcium particularly suitable for those aged 65 and over. For those on the go, it's a convenient option too, as Citrate can be taken without food, will dissolve quicker and is absorbed faster into the body compared with regular Calcium Carbonate.

Just two of our improved Calcium Citrate capsules contains 1000mg of Citrate, which provides 210mg of elemental Calcium (Ca) in a vegetarian capsule shell.


Nutritional Information
Pregnancy Friendly

Two capsules typically provide:

  Calcium Citrate 1000mg

  providing Calcium (Ca) 210mg (26% NRV)

Allergen Advice
This product is free from: Salt, Sugar, Yeast. Artificial Colours, Flavours & Preservatives.
List of Ingredients
Calcium Citrate, Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate.
Dosage / Suggested Intake
Swallow two to four capsules per day, or as directed by your health professional.
Legal Category
Food Supplement


Customer Reviews for High Strength Calcium Citrate

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Overall product rating 9.8 / 10 - 114 customers have independently reviewed and recommend High Strength Calcium Citrate from 114 reviews (showing latest 50 reviews)
Review Date
Review Details
Service rating: Excellent service
Product: excellent service
Service rating: Purchase received within days of ordering. Efficient service.
Product: Taking this to help my bones as I am on medication that can affect my bones.
Service rating: Superb quality products ! Vast incredible choice. Very helpful to read other people’s reviews. Second to none delivery !! Would definitely recommend this company to my family & friends.
Product: It took me a long time to find this form of calcium,as it is better absorbed than calcium carbonate. I take this supplement to support my general health.
Service rating: Always speedy delivery!
Product: Good value.
Prompt and inexpensive
Service rating: Excellent 5*
Delivered quickly and well packaged. Good use by dates and very good prices.
Product: Good Calcium supplement it works and does not cause stomach problems. Using due to menopause and osteoarthritis.
Service rating: Speed and efficiency. Good product. Free post and packing is a good incentive.
Product: An efficiently absorbed calcium. It protects our bodies in old age.
Service rating: Prompt delivery, great product. Definitely deal with them again!
Product: Need extra calcium
Service rating: Excellent service. Vitamins arrived as described, through the letter box which is very handy.
Product: I need extra calcium in my diet because of a medical condition.
Service rating: The website was easy to use, products seem good and delivery was very quick! Will use again
Product: I've only been taking them for a short time due to calcium deficiency. There's no visible/physical difference to me, but I wasn't expecting one. Unlike the cheaper calcium supplements this hasn't given any constipation like the higher dose prescription from the doctor. This is the highest strength Calcium 'citrate' I could find. Pills are largish but I have no problem swallowing them. Time will tell, but so far it's all positive for this product.
Service rating: Quick delivery,good packaging andreally good quality vitamins.
Product: Quick delivery,good packaging andreally good quality vitamins.
Service rating: Good product ,speedy delivery and competitive price
Product: Good product competitive price
Service rating: Speedy delivery. Excellent product. I shall certainly be ordering again.
Product: As a retired nutritional therapist, I take great care over my choice of supplements. This capsule is so much easier to take than the previous huge tablets I had. At 84, I take Calcium Citrate with other supplements to improve bone density & also to counteract symptoms caused by a build-up of oxalates (muscle & joint aches, urethritis & kidney stones). The Citrate form is well-absorbed & particularly effective at counteracting oxalates.
Service rating: Fast delivery no hassle just great quality service
Product: Great stuff my bones hurt so much and these help
Service rating: Excellent products at good value and fast delivery.
Product: Good quality high strength calcium citrate capsules are hard to find. These are great.
Service rating: Excellent service
Product: Easy on stomach, easy to take.
Service rating: quick and courteous service and delivery
Product: Have been taking for many years because i'm vegetarian and need certain supplements
Service rating: Good product, promptly dispatched.
Product: I'm not sure how I can really rate a vitamin because who knows whether it's working or not! It's calcium so it's not as if it's meant to relieve pain where it can be judged as efficient or not.
Service rating: Love that many supplements are available in capsule form. Superfast despatch too. Highly recommend.
Product: Great price for capsules.
Service rating: Excellent service, fast delivery, good prices. They have a wide selection of stock.
Product: Great product easy to swallow
Service rating: Easy and efficient.
Product: Don't know how effective they are but have started taking them due to the fact am on steroids and need to make sure I have enough calcium to help prevent osteoporosis.
Also just calcium without additions which is what I wanted.
Service rating: Very quick -happy to use again. Not sure why bags have to be so big -seems like a waste. Especially if they’re plastic -(are they?)
Product: Can’t say I notice difference but I’ve got osteoporosis so... I take with calcium citrate
Service rating: Very pleased - have used this online retailer before and will definitely use again ;-)
Product: Calcium citrate for bone strength - these tablets are very well tolerated, whereas others I've tried upset my stomach. A win-win!
Service rating: Speedy delivery! Thank you!
Product: Excellent! Well pleased.
Arrived quickly. So far so good. Capsules are easy to swallow. Will you this product again. Probably look at other items next time.
Service rating: Good service with prompt delivery. Good clear description about the products and dosage. Very impressed so far.
Product: Good clear product information and a reduction in the number of tablets I need to take each day compared with other providers, which is always a win in my book!
Service rating: Superb service great prices and free delivery
Trying the 4000iu vit d due to low vit d and being diagnosed with an auto immune problem which can be caused due to low vit d. Started at 12000 iu daily felt better after first day more energy and less aches. I will continue with 12000 iu for a month then perhaps reduce to 8000iu for a month then down to 5000 iu maintenance. I take my vit d with omega 3 as you need fat to absorb the vit d and magnesium.
Product: They don't upset my tummy. Taking calcium citrate due to menopause and osteoarthritus.
Service rating: Order came quickly, best price I could find online. Very happy
Product: We take for tooth and bone strength, my teenage daughter doesn't really eat any dairy and so we read up on calcium Deficiency and decided to try a supplement
Service rating: No problems, although thought I was received vit d capsules next day instead of days later, so I must have misunderstood.
Well packaged. Will know how they’ve worked when bloods checked in few months
Product: Is there added calcium carbonate as they make me a little constipated
Hurtig og præcis levering
Service rating: Super quick delivery, thank you!
Product: Haven't been taking this long enough yet but fully expecting it to prove helpful with my aching bones.
Service rating: From order to delivery I was very pleased with the fast and efficient service. I like the packaging as it can be put through a letterbox. I’m also very pleased with the product itself.
Product: They are calcium supplements in a product that help if you’ve a sensitive tummy.
Service rating: Good quality and prompt arrival
Product: Good quality and no side affects
Service rating: I ordered the capsules by post. The service was perfect, the agent on the phone was efficient, and the order was delivered to my home in good time. Thank you.
Product: I am taking these for osteoporosis. I prefer capsules to tablets. It’s difficult to say if they work but they are easy to swallow and I am doing what I can to avoid broken bones!
I had been looking for the tablets I wanted on the internet and just vitamins came up. I thought I'd try them to see what the experience was like. The website was easy to use. The tablets came quickly. I am very happy and would recommend them to friends
Service rating: Well designed product, efficiently handled. Particularly applaud the letterbox-friendly packaging
Product: Looking for a low-dose calcium supplement, avoiding the alkalinity of calcium carbonate. This fills that need perfectly.
Well priced product and swift delivery.
Service rating: Easy and straightforward. Arrived within a few days.
Product: I am taking it because I have osteoporosis. Other calcium supplements have some kind of processed sugar in them - saccharine or glucose - and I have an intolerance of them. They bring on headaches. these capsules do not contain anything that I cannot tolerate and I am really pleased. they also come in a pouch which is much easier to manage and store than a bottle.
Customer service was way beyond my expectation
Very helpful and honest
I’ve been using just vitamins since 2010 and very happy with both the product and service
Arrived promptly, in good condition.
Service rating: This website is very easy to navigate. The products are fairly priced and the delivery is second to none !
Product: This is the 4th time I have ordered this supplement. I took me a longtime to find this particular combination of calcium, as many other brands use the cheaper form of calcium ie carbonate, which isn’t absorbed as easily. I take this for continued bone health.
Service rating: Very efficient service, arrived when they said they would.
Product: Not been taking them long enough yet
Service rating: Great products in postable packets. Very speedy delivery. Will use on future.
Product: Very convenient high strength product.
good product, competitive prices and speedy delivery
Pleased with excellent delivery etc.
Service rating: excellent all round
Product: good value calcium supplement
Service rating: The service good and arrived next day
Product: Good tabs and good service
Service rating: Exactly what I wanted. Fast service/delivery, easy website, light packaging.
Product: Right type of calcium. Take it for bone strength.
Service rating: Always packaged well and arrive quickly whether I am in UK or Republic of Ireland.
Product: I am a bit concerned the strength may not be as advertised as my calcium levels are still low, this could be due to me having secondary cancer of the bones and not the tablets fault. I have to now double my dose, so probably is due to my body and not the tablet.
Service rating: Good quality delivered promptly
Product: Well tolerated. No side effects

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