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Bone Health Support | Calcium & Magnesium Tablets

There are over 200 bones in the human body, mostly made up of calcium, along with other minerals and collagen. As we get older our bone mineral density is reduced, increasing the risk of fracture or osteoporosis. Here at Just Vitamins we have developed a range of products designed for all ages to maintain and support good bone health.

All Bone Health Supplements

Not sure which Bone Health Support | Calcium & Magnesium Tablets to choose? Read our latest customer reviews:

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Product Name
19 Aug 2017
Please stop requesting me to fill out these surveys. I have been a loyal and satisfied customer for many, many years. Please do not ask me to do this any more, it is so annoying!
18 Aug 2017
Service Rating: I have ordered many items from Just Vitamins before and their service is always quick and efficient. The process of ordering is uncomplicated and straightforward, unlike other buying sites on the Internet and delivery is very rapid, even to us in France.
Product: Reading about the advantages of magnesium prompted me to add them to my dietary plan, even though I do eat healthily. I have not been taking them for too long, and I don't think they are supposed to make a massive difference, but I am comfortable with the supplement
14 Aug 2017
Service Rating: fast service, but I liked collecting those cardboard boxes; padded envelopes arent as re-useable!
Product: I cannot tell if the supplement is working, so cant really give it 5 stars. Im taking it as it is allegedly a co-factor for vitamin D, which I also take.
13 Aug 2017
Service Rating: Arrived very soon after placing the order and the pills were as described. Much cheaper than elsewhere too. Thank you.
Product: No difference visible as yet.
12 Aug 2017
I buy regularly from Just Vitamins and will continue to do so as the service and quality is excellent!!
09 Aug 2017
Excellent Service
09 Aug 2017
Service Rating: I live in Portugal, always reliable and the products of high quality. Only once were the products lost and a replacement sent immediately.
Product: I have MS and need to take extra Vitamin D ,so easy with Just Vitamins
08 Aug 2017
Good quality supplements at fair prices, and fast delivery as well.
08 Aug 2017
Good price ,fast delivery .
08 Aug 2017
Service Rating: The service I received was amazing and what I ordered came on time !! I was very impressed also with their help and support on all their products.
Their pricing is also very reasonable as against a lot of other supplement outlets.
I shall continue using them for as long as they are around.

Thank you Just vitamins.
Product: I have just recently ordered this product and only just started using them, in time I am sure I shall have a more thorough review on how they are working for me.
I am very impressed on how they help you and advise of supplements that you are not quite sure of.
Their website is very simple to follow when choosing what you want as they explain in detail what the supplements are all about.
08 Aug 2017
Service Rating: My Vitamins arrived quickly.
It was my first time buying vitamins online but I found the website easy to use.
I will be using the company again as I will always need Vitamin D tablets.
Thank you.
Product: I am very low on Vitamin D and therefore need to supplement my diet.
04 Aug 2017
Everything just went perfectly to plan. I even received more than ordered - possibly because of stock - but it was wonderful to know they cared enough to get them to me and not delay.
04 Aug 2017
Service Rating: The packaging is awful, packed in a resealable bag, won't be back for more whatever the price !
Product: Terrible, resealable bag, bad packaging wont buy again whatever the price !
03 Aug 2017
Service Rating: Very Fast on delivery, good price.
Product: My Wife says supplement is great help
03 Aug 2017
Your vitamins are good and reasonably priced,but I've been waiting for about 3 weeks for part of my order to arrive and it's still not here.............its out of poor stock keeping!
03 Aug 2017
Service Rating: Delivery arrived sooner than the estimated time and communication updates were very good.
Packaging was in the form of sachets - not what I expected, and not as easy to access as from a bottle but acceptable and since the product was such good value it was not really an issue.
Product: Low Vit D Levels for a long time. This is good value for money and I bought it based on the other reviews. It is larger than most supplements, perhaps due to the high dosage contents, but not difficult to swallow and neither bitter or unpleasant in taste. Too early to say whether it will be effective yet.
03 Aug 2017
Service Rating: Very fast delivery. Letterbox friendly. Very pleased.
Product: Good for easing my joint pains as I've got older.
02 Aug 2017
Have to say the service was the best ..well packaged too.
01 Aug 2017
Service Rating: Excellent customer
Product: Good source of vitimans for my health well being
31 Jul 2017
Good value and fast delivery. Would definitely 're.