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Co-Enzyme Q10 Capsules - 30mg

Plays an essential role in our energy levels

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Key features

  • Best quality natural CoQ10
  • Fermented for purity, no synthetics
  • Oil-suspended to aid absorption
  • Known as "the body's spark plug"
Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg capsule view
Capsule Size
14mm x 9mm capsule
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In the past decade Co-enzyme Q 10 Capsules have risen to be one of the most popular dietary supplements around the world. It is actually a natural substance produced by the body (it is present in every cell) but levels may decrease as we get older.

An increasingly recommended supplement for those taking statins

Coenzyne Q10 is often recommended for the elderly because the body’s ability to make it declines with age. It has been shown that cholesterol lowering drugs called statins, reduce CoQ10 levels in the body therefore it is increasingly recommended to take a Co-Q10 supplement if you are taking statins.

                                                                Also available as Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg
                                                                                     and Co-Enzyme Q10 200mg

Many opt to take a Q10 supplement at age 40 and beyond. This antioxidant nutrient plays an essential role in our energy and may help to maintain heart health.

Formulated to maximise the bodies absorption

The Co-Enzyme Q10 powder is suspended within the capsule in sunflower oil to maximise absorption levels within the body.

Just Vitamins Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg is now ALLERGEN FREE

Nutritional Information
Each Co-Enzyme Q10 capsule provides:
 Natural Co Enzyme Q10 30mg
Allergen Advice
Ingredients containing allergens are highlighted in bold.
List of Ingredients
Refined Sunflower Oil, Gelatin (Bovine Source - Halal), Humectanct (Glycerine), Ubiquinone (Co-Enzyme Q10), Colour (Black Iron Oxide).
Dosage / Suggested Intake
Adults: swallow one capsule per day with food, or as directed by your health professional.
Legal Category
Food Supplement with Co-Enzyme Q10