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Vitamin K Supplements

Vitamin K has several important functions, for example it's needed for blood clotting, which means it helps wounds to heal properly. There is also evidence that vitamin K is also needed to help keep bones healthy.Vitamin K is found in green leafy vegetables – such as broccoli and spinach, vegetable oils and cereal grains. Small amounts can also be found in meat and dairy foods.

All Vitamin K Supplements

Not sure which Vitamin K Supplements to choose? Read our latest customer reviews:

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Product Name
16 Dec 2018
I was really pleased with the speedy delivery. I like the envelope packaging and am very impressed with the vitamins themselves, especially the dissolving B 12. Excellent service and products, thank you. Will be back.
15 Dec 2018
Service Rating: Delivery on time. Package is in good condition.
Product: Delivery on tome.Package is in good condition. Good value.
12 Dec 2018
Service Rating: Well there's the top quality products that are always packaged well, brilliant prices, cheapest I've found anywhere for the items I buy anyway and on the 1 time I've had to contact customer services they were very friendly and very quick to resolve my issue which wasn't down to them it was down to me ordering something I couldn't use. The only thing I would say that could be improved slightly is delivery times. I've ordered supplements from Amazon sellers and have had them the following day. Here you get the items in 3 - 4.
Product: Fantastic quality product, very well priced too.
12 Dec 2018
Service Rating: Good packaging, free standard delivery.
However, I did not receive exactly what I oedered, which was 1 pack of 120 Vitamin K2 MK7 100 mcg as shown on the website. But instead I received 2 packs of 60 Vitamin K2 MK7 100 ug. I was told those products were the same in dosage.
It would have been clearer if they had stated they were out of stock on their website.
Product: I take those with Vitamin D3. The ones I normally take are smaller but those are easy to swallow with water.
10 Dec 2018
Service Rating: Easy to order online. Took a while to arrive .
Product: I’m taking it as it help me to absorb vit D3 into my bones. It isn’t really possible to know if it’s working.
03 Dec 2018
Service Rating: fast service
Product: I've been taking Vit D supplements for a while and didn't realise that I also needed to take Magnesium and Calcium. Been taking these (Osteo 4) for a couple of weeks now and feel so munch more energised
02 Dec 2018
With the competition so fierce within the market place Just Vitamins appear to be on the ball in this regard. They must keep it up as there are many behind them.
28 Nov 2018
Service Rating: Fast efficient ordering and delivery
Product: Great item. Full of all the vital vitamins and minerals
22 Nov 2018
great service
11 Nov 2018
servizio inappuntabile. Il prodotto e' arrivato entro 7 giorni . Le confezioni sono impeccabili.I costi, tutto incluso (prodotto, spedizione) molto competitivi rispetto
alla media italiana. Sono rimasto molto soddisfatto della scelta fatta.
11 Nov 2018
Service Rating: Quick response
Product: Just started early to answer
08 Nov 2018
Excellent service
Fast delivery
07 Nov 2018
Just Viitamins is a first class company with a fast turn around use them all the time.
04 Nov 2018
I've been taking them 3 weeks so far zed I can already feel a difference. I definitely have more energy than I have in the past year. I will continue to purchase these vitamins.
02 Nov 2018
Service Rating: Website is easy to use and delivery is quick, always through letterbox, no delivery problems.
Product: Have been using these for years and although I don't know for sure they make a difference, I'm not ill often and my nails are strong!
02 Nov 2018
Service Rating: Very professional
Great value for money and quick delivery
Will definitely be buying again!
Product: I needed to start taking multi-vitamins before my surgery to help with recovery, everything i need in one-a-day.
This product is perfect
25 Oct 2018
Service Rating: Excellent first class service.
Product: it helps remove the plaque build up from my arteries and maintains healthy bones also it works well with coq10 which I also take
they should give it to people over a certain age.
23 Oct 2018
Service Rating: Prompt delivery was the factor i noticed especially.

I bought Ascorbic Acid powder as an aid to better absorption on a vegan diet, which i follow.
Product: First a correction - Ascorbic Acid for vegan diet - was not this purchase.

I need this supplement for osteoporosis.
17 Oct 2018
Service Rating: Excellent service, well run site with good information and products just as described
Product: Vitamin D is not digested correctly without VitK MK7 to assist. Due to being housebound I need both due to lack of fresh air and day light.
14 Oct 2018
Very quick delivery,