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Osteo4 Bone Health Tablets

Four specially formulated and vital bone supplements

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  • 100% NRV of Calcium
  • 100% NRV of Magnesium
  • 100% NRV of Vitamin D
  • 100% NRV of Vitamin K

Supplement Description

What is Osteo4?

As the name suggests, Osteo4 contains four vital bone supplements in one: Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin K and Vitamin D.

Calcium works to fill holes in old, worn-out bone made by cells called osteoclasts and Magnesium helps to keep bones strong. Vitamin K is essential for bone formation and repair and Vitamin D is needed for the proper absorption of calcium from the intestines.

Why take Osteo4?

Just two Osteo4 tablets a day provide 100 per cent of the Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) of Calcium, Magnesium Vitamin D and Vitamin K. As the intestines can only absorb up to 500mg of calcium at a time, these tablets have been specially formulated to deliver 400mg of calcium each.

Nutritionists recommend that women of menopausal age should take at least 1200mg of Calcium every day to help slow down the rate of bone loss. Some nutritionists go further by advising women – including teenagers – to take Calcium regularly to protect bone health later on in life.

Osteo4 has been uniquely formulated to offer a potent blend of nutrients, all of which work together to support and maintain your bones.

Nutritional Information

Two Osteo4 tablets provide:     %NRV
Vitamin D 5µg 100
Calcium 800mg 100
Magnesium 375mg 100
Vitamin K 75µg 100

NRV means Nutrient Reference Value

Allergen Advice

Any allergens are highlighted in bold in the ingredients list.

List of Ingredients

Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Coating (Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose, Titanium Dioxide, Glycerine, Carnauba Wax), Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Silicate, Vitamin D2 (Acacia, Sucrose, Sunflower Oil, Starch, Ergocalciferol), Vitamin K (Acacia, Sucrose, Vitamin K1)

Dosage / Suggested Intake

Swallow two caplets per day.
Take one caplet in the morning, the other in the evening.
Always take after food where possible.

Tablet Size

22.5mm x 9mm tablet

Legal Category

Food Supplement

Customer Reviews for Osteo4 Bone Health

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Overall product rating 9.2 / 10 - 50 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Osteo4 Bone Health from 50 reviews
Review Date
Review Details
Service Rating: fast service
Product: I've been taking Vit D supplements for a while and didn't realise that I also needed to take Magnesium and Calcium. Been taking these (Osteo 4) for a couple of weeks now and feel so munch more energised
Excellent service
Fast delivery
Service Rating: Prompt delivery was the factor i noticed especially.

I bought Ascorbic Acid powder as an aid to better absorption on a vegan diet, which i follow.
Product: First a correction - Ascorbic Acid for vegan diet - was not this purchase.

I need this supplement for osteoporosis.
Service Rating: Quick and easy with friendly staff and quick delivery.
Product: Good product which is helping my Osteoporosis
Service Rating: Very quick service no problem in leaving at a designated place
Product: They are improving my joints especially my knees. Also my nails are much healthier all round improvements
Service Rating: Det gick fort. Ingenting att klaga på.
Product: Hittar inga fel. Alt OK. Snabb leverans.
Very pleased with service, will be ordering again .
Service Rating: Fast delivery, very reasonable costs. Taking these following trimalleolar fracture to give my bones every chance of healing.
Product: Fast delivery very good price. Hopefully these will help fracture recovery.
Service Rating: Always excellent.
Product: I need to take a large daily dosage as I take a meicine that depletes my calcium.
Service Rating: The service I received was amazing and what I ordered came on time !! I was very impressed also with their help and support on all their products.
Their pricing is also very reasonable as against a lot of other supplement outlets.
I shall continue using them for as long as they are around.

Thank you Just vitamins.
Product: I have just recently ordered this product and only just started using them, in time I am sure I shall have a more thorough review on how they are working for me.
I am very impressed on how they help you and advise of supplements that you are not quite sure of.
Their website is very simple to follow when choosing what you want as they explain in detail what the supplements are all about.
Service Rating: This is such a great way to buy vitamins because they are despatched very quickly and the packs fit into your letter box so you don't need to worry about packages left on the door step or running out of vits
Product: Easier to swallow than other high dose calcium tablets. reasonable price, swift delivery.
Service Rating: very responsive.
Product: very quick service and good results
Fast delivery every time. They have never let me down.
Service Rating: Arrived within 48 hrs good quality products.
Product: Good quality just started them but awaiting results. Easy to take.
Service Rating: They are always quick to arrive and fit into the letter box so that I don't have to wait in all day. What more could you want?
Product: easy to swallow for a larger size tablet
Service Rating: Very quick & efficient service, good prices, very pleased
Product: Good price, early days so not sure yet if they work.
Efficient, fast delivery, good customer service
Service Rating: Good product and speedy delivery.
Product: Good product, that's all.
Good service with free delivery but packaging could be better
Service Rating: I have been using just vitamins for a few years now.Excellent company on every level.Keep up the good work!!!
Product: A really good product containing all essential minerals for bone health
Product: on my first lot of tablets, found them difficult to swollow even broken in half.
I assume i need a few months to take them to obtain any benefits.
Have rated the product good, although not been on them 2months yet.
Order received super quick through the letterbox and in excellent condition.
Service Rating: Order came really fast.
Product: Noticeable changes within 2weeks.
Service Rating: great service
Product: bigger tablets but can be swallowed better that others
Service Rating: Great service and good value for money.
Product: Large'ish' but okay to swallow. No aftertaste, which is good.
Service Rating: Great price and fast delivery - very happy and will def use again xxx
Product: Great product and price will def buy again
Service Rating: Quick efficient service at a good price. Love that the website tells you the size of the tablet, very handy information!
Product: Quite large tablets but love tgat I get all the things I need in one tablet
Service Rating: Quick turnaround and reliable service
Product: Ting this put after cracking a rib leaning to get something!
Service Rating: always good value and speedy delivery - love the packs they come in
Product: seem to have the same ingredients as the best known osteo tablets that I was buying [which are much dearer and don't come in such handy packets] so hopefully they will keep me safe into my old age.
Excellent, as normal...
Service Rating: Excellent service products always arrive promptly and packaging is excellent as it fits through letterbox.
Product: Tablets are so big they make you heave and they are not supposed to be broken in half so at present I'm not taking them. I have persevered and tried several times but only managed to swallow one!
Feedback Response: Hi, I'm sorry you have experienced problems with swallowing these tablets.
Unfortunately both Calcium and Magnesium are bulky substances which are required in relatively high levels.
Here are some tips to help with swallowing from the NHS website:
1. Moisten your mouth with saliva or water beforehand (a dry mouth makes swallowing harder).
2. Place the pill in the centre of your tongue, and lengthways along your tongue if the pill is oval-shaped.
3. Immediately take a sip of water and wash the pill directly into your throat, throwing your head back.
4. Hold water in your mouth before inserting the pill – suspending the pill in water may help to flush it down.
5. Try using a straw to drink the water (the suction may help).
6. Taking a deep breath may help suppress your gag reflex.
7. Try chewing some food before placing the pill in your mouth, and swallow the food and pill together.
8. Insert the pill into a small piece of bread or marshmallow.
9. After swallowing the pill, follow it up with food to help it go down.
10. Try putting your chin to your chest when swallowing – this will open up your windpipe and may be better for you than throwing your head back.

I hope this helps.
Kind regards,
Ian - Just Vitamins Customer Team
Service Rating: very good
Product: The tablets are far too ig to swallow
Service Rating: very good
Product: The tablets are far too ig to swallow
Feedback Response: I'm sorry to hear that you found the Osteo4 Bone Health Tablets a little large for you. Note that we do display the tablet sizes on all of our product pages so you should be able to see whether products might be suitable in future. I will contact you directly to arrange a return/refund.
As Above
Service Rating: Always received quickly.
Product: good quality and fits through letter box if only buying small amount. Much cheaper than Osteocare and seems to contain the same ingredients and same quanitities
Service Rating: always been good
Product: tablets arrived in good time and good condition
Service Rating: Great telephone service
Product: Started using tablets a few weeks ago for osteoarthritis. So far so good. I have been pain free!
Service Rating: I always use this company for my health care. They provide excellent reliable service.
Product: I have specific products that I order - they don't have everything I want though. Occasionally a product isn't as good as the health store - eg Zinc.
Service Rating: The company delivers an excellent service and the products are well worth the money. I will continue to buy from yourselves and will recommend to my friends.
Product: I use these to support bone health
Service Rating: Very fast and efficient service
Product: Had been experiencing some joint pain and started taking these tablets a few months ago. Since then the pain has disappeared completely
no complaints
Service Rating: Very quick to arrive in the post, and excellent packaging - it fits easily into a mailbox, no need to pick up later at post office. Very nice.
Product: Buying vitamins online is a bit of a jungle, but this company had a good price on their products, they had a clear address and phonenumber on their site - so I hope the vitamins or okay ond of a good quality. I love the packaging, they fit so easily into my mailbox, no need to pick up at post office. I am taking them to keep my bones strong and healthy.
Service Rating: Very fast service
Product: Bought for joint pain. Showing signs of improvement
upto now, all goods have been received in good time.. no issues at all.. many thanks
Service Rating: I do like service, it is free delivery in few days.
Product: I use it for couple years myself, my mum. Definitely see improvement in my nails etc
Service Rating: Excellent service ,I cam alsways rely on theer expert advice .
Product: Appear to be ok , althrough I think I need to take this product for at least a month in order to see any changes.
Service Rating: Easy to use, efficient
Product: Fast, efficient and very friendly and helpful on the phone
Service Rating: Very easy to use web site and efficient delivery.
Product: Will only know in a few years if they worked to support my skeleton.
Service Rating: delivery was quick.. no hassel... thank you
Product: tablets from this site are at reasonable prices... and deleivery was very good and quick.. thank you

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