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Beta Glucans 1,3 1,6 Complex + Vitamin D + Zinc Capsules - 200mg

Helps support a healthy immune system

Beta Glucans 1,3 1,6 Complex + Vitamin D + Zinc main product image
Beta Glucans 1,3 1,6 Complex + Vitamin D + Zinc tablet view
91 reviews9610040
  • Specially selected blend to support immunity
  • Formulated for rapid absorption
  • One of the strongest on the market
  • Vegan/Vegetarian cellulose capsule
Only 13.2p per capsule
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In Stock

Supplement Description

Specially selected blend to support natural immune defences 

Just Vitamins Beta-Glucans is a blend of Beta Glucans (1,3 and 1,6), a blend which has been specially selected to offer support during winter months and during periods of reduced natural defences. We have added Vitamin D + Zinc to our formula to give added support for a healthy immune system.

Premium quality small particle size for rapid absorption & effectiveness

The effectiveness and absorption rate of the Beta Glucans complex after digestion is associated with its particle size.  Our supplement is formulated with only high quality ingredients with the particle size in our complex around 1-2µm (micrometer) - at the very premium end of the widely acknowledge effective range. 

A strongly formulated combination of materials

The activity level (linkage) of the material used in our supplement is 70%, which is comparable with the strongest, most active Beta Glucan supplements on the market.

Just Vitamins Beta-Glucans is presented as a fully vegan/vegetarian cellulose-capsule, making them easy to swallow and pretty much taste-free.

Product Information

Beta Glucans 1,3 1,6 Complex + Vitamin D + Zinc capsule view
Capsule Size
21.2mm x 7.34mm two-piece
Cautions & Warnings
List of Ingredients
Recommended Intake
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Customer Reviews for Beta Glucans 1,3 1,6 Complex + Vitamin D + Zinc

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Overall product rating 9.6 / 10 - 91 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Beta Glucans 1,3 1,6 Complex + Vitamin D + Zinc from 91 reviews (showing latest 25 reviews)
Review Date
Review Details
Service rating: I can't remember how I found the website; I have been a customer for many years.
I always pay in full because the prices are very reasonable and they frequently have 'money-off' offers.
Delivery is not 'Amazon-speed' but I don't mind that because they are a reputable company and very efficient (anyway, I don't like Amazon, their website is so confusing).
To compensate, their Helpline is very useful and seems to me to be un-biassed when I have had a query.
The letter-box slimline boxes are very handy, no worrying about bigger box deliveries that need a signature. All very simple.
Product: I thought it would help my various conditions (heart, thyroid, osteoarthritis) but I haven't noticed any difference. to be honest. Also, I have just read that it should be introduced slowly if you have IBS, which I do. It's always worth a try though.
Excellent service and very speedy delivery
Website was easy to use, offers were really enticing, and products delivered quickly. Overall very good service. I have since re-ordered more products from Just Vitamins.
Service rating: Fast and reliable
Product: Can’t really tell if I’m honest
Service rating: Had everything I was looking for at the cheapest price I could find. Packaging is also more eco friendly.
Product: Much smaller tablet size than from other places I've had them. I much prefer these.
Service rating: Excellent, fast service.
Product: Appears to be good quality; time will tell how effective it is. Tablets are rather large!
Will buy from them again
Fast efficient service
Service rating: I am buying my Beta Glucan supplement for a years. Always happy with product and service.
Product: Very good. Helping me to maintain a good immunity.
Service rating: Prompt delivery, good quality packaging and I'm really impressed it's fully compostable. Was my second order from JV and it's probably the first place I'll go in the future.
Product: No idea if they actually make a difference, but they're easy to swallow and they come in quantities that mean you don't have to worry for a good while. No issues at all
Service rating: Very good products, well presented, and good value. I've placed many orders with Just Vitamins and always had very good service.
Product: Seems to work well as an immune system modulator.
Service rating: Great service with prompt delivery.
Easy to order and understand products.
Product: Pensioner with underlying health issues.
Good for immune system.
Service rating: Always easy to order and delivered promptly x
Product: Recommended to take it to improve my immune system
Good quality and good service
Service rating: Excelent; good service
Product: Excellent product to aid the immune system
Service rating: Prompt servicing of order. Competitively priced products.
Product: Good quality product for strengthening immune system.
Service rating: Very pleased with the service. Vitamins competitively priced and arrived in pouches that could fit through the letterbox. Will use them again.
Product: Have been taking these for a couple of weeks now. They were recommended by Dr. Paul Clayton to help tin the process of creating a healthy immune system.
Service rating: Express delivery,everything ordered,how cooperation will take place after 31.12.2020 if the UK and European Community does not enter into an agreement?
Product: Comes in handy in the winter months
Service rating: They are great value. They dispatch what they say, when they say (I use the free delivery so it takes a few extra days, so take that into account). I’ve had no problem with them. A loyalty discount would be nice. They do special offers, but if it’s of the for of £5 off a £30 order then I may split my order in to two parts, with 2 (free to me) postages, where as a straight percentage discount would be better for me. Non the less, good quality, and as a nod to recycling the sachets are biodegradable. I would prefer a MUCH BIGGER SYMBOL making this clear to anyone who thinks I’m putting plastic in the composting.
Product: Essentially just a sort of yeast. Although I’m a STRONG BELIEVER in the effect of this form of beta glucans as an effective booster of the immune system in general, and if you’re in and out of hospital for surgery and the like I BELIEVE it helps prevent infection. I’ve read LOTS of literature on beta glucans (all forms) and they are all, without
Service rating: Service was excellent, cannot report on the tablets yet as still early days of taking them
Product: Arrived when expected. Too early to review results
Service rating: Fast efficient service, excellent
Product: Helps with Menieres disease
Fast service and high quality products.
great service
Service rating: They arrived very quickly and are in a very convenient capsule form but do need to be taken first thing in the morning before eating. My previous Beta Glucan supplement was in a powder form and getting a specified does was a little hit and miss but not these.
Product: As I said in the feedback box above, the are in a very convenient capsule form and are a fixed dose rather than the powder form i have used before.
Service rating: Prompt and good
Product: To increase my immunity. I have been taking something similar for years and was pleased to discover Just Vitamins

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