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Super Vitamin B-50 Complex Tablets

For maintainance of a healthy nervous system & energy levels

Super Vitamin B-50 Complex main product image
Super Vitamin B-50 Complex tablet view
Super Vitamin B-50 Complex
Super Vitamin B-50 Complex
Super Vitamin B-50 Complex
Super Vitamin B-50 Complex
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  • Max strength combination of B vitamins
  • Time release for optimal absorption
  • A crucial nutrient for the entire body
  • Cellulose coated, easy to swallow caplet
Only 15.0p per tablet
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In Stock

Supplement Description


This yeast free, timed release max strength formula helps maximise the body's absorption of vital nutrients for maintaining a healthy nervous system including Vitamin B1, (Thiamin), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin), Vitamins B6, B5, B12 and Folic Acid.

Formulated for optimal absorbtion by slow release

We have formulated our Super B-50 Complex to provide significantly more than just the NRV levels, we have also developed a specially formulated an easy-swallow caplet shape with a clear cellulose coating, designed for efficacious slow release over a number of hours.

The higher levels of each B-Vitamin are perfectly safe and often recommended by nutritionist, and are similar to the levels used in recent studies on memory in elderly patients.

A crucial nutrient for the entire body

Almost every biochemical process in the body requires B vitamins, including the release of energy from foods, the normal function of the immune system and the nervous system as well as the production of red blood cells. Folic acid and B6 play an important role in cardiovascular health through their role in the regulation of homocysteine in the blood.

If you think you need B Vitamins then this is a great product to try as the excellent potency will leave nothing to chance!




Product Information

Super Vitamin B-50 Complex tablet view
Tablet Size
22.5mm x 9.5mm
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Customer Reviews for Super Vitamin B-50 Complex

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Overall product rating 9.6 / 10 - 128 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Super Vitamin B-50 Complex from 128 reviews (showing latest 25 reviews)
Review Date
Review Details
Service rating: Had to look for my particular product on (B50) Google
See above.
Ordering I find easy by phone.
The whole thing has worked well for me.
Product: I began using B50 because Holland and barrette discontinued this product.
I really like the idea that it is just vits and your products contain no nasty's also, it's not a capsule and you can cut them in half if I'm in need. You are more expensive than others, and if you don't need to put in a larger order then you charge postage but the system has worked very well so far.
Service rating: The website is so easy to find what you need. It is such great value for money. The products arrive in pouches that fit through the letterbox. The deliveries are fast. I recommend the company highly.
Product: I take vitamin B complex to support my immune system. It also help's not to feel tired all the time.
Service rating: Site easy to use.Dispatched quick.
Product: Took it for skin issues. Z
Great service, great products.
Service rating: I found Just Vitamins site easy to work with and they had a great selection of vitamins to choose from.
Product: I have taken B complex vitamins many times before, and felt the time was right to start again as they do give you a boost and feeling of wellbeing
Service rating: I don't receive my package. Because the post office tell me that you don't give info about the items.
Product: I don't even receive the supplement. So I can't tell you
Feedback Response: Hi Mr Difesa, I am sorry to hear you have no received your order, as you have purchased from us many times before you will know this is very rare! I have checked the tracking on your order and I can see it has not been delivered, I will get a replacement sent out for you in the post today.
Easy to order arrives promptly and good value.
Service rating: Quick delivry, quality of product
Product: Prompt delivry quality of product
very fast service and well packed. easy open pouches.good value. one problem 'though. I have to break the tabs in order to swallow them.
Service rating: Excellent seller excellent product excellent service recommended
Product: Been taking B50 complex for a number of years after my doctor advised me to
Service rating: My favourite for vitamins through the door. Great slow release vitamin b complex
Product: Slow release works well not like high street bands much better. Coating is great to not noticed any benefits yet to early to tell.
Fast, Efficient, well priced. Good value.
Service rating: The service from Just Vitamins has always been excellent. I like their letterbox packaging and the fact that the packaging of the actual vitamins is now compostable. I am very happy with the two items I buy on a regular basis, that is the Muti B Vitamin Complex and the High strength Cod Liver Oil. We take the latter all year round and rarely get a cold. As a deficiency in Vitamin D has been found in people who have Covid, I feel the Cod Liver Oil offers some additional protection and would very much recommend this supplement.
Product: Have already given my review
Service rating: Always super fast, great choice of excellent products.
Product: Fills my nutritional needs.
Yes I would buy them again and it was delivered quickly
Service rating: I regularly buy all my supplements and have done for years. Highly recommended.
Product: Good quality and priced reasonably
Service rating: Just Vitamins is a brilliant Company. Ordering my vitamins on line is easy. Their website is very clear with loads of good quality products. The products arrive very quickly in the post and their packages fit through the letterbox! I recommend Just Vitamins highly!
Product: I take vitamin B complex to support the immune system.
Service rating: Good service, easy to order. I would have given 5 stars if delivery was included or faster. Took about a week to arrive.
Product: Tablets are quite big but they do the job!
Service rating: Just vitamins are a superb service, excellent web site and i like the philosophy, i feel i can trust, their motives.
Product: im taking B complex as i have developed a nerve problem in on of my feet and im hoping to correct it.
Service rating: Fast and efficient, no wasteful packaging.
Product: B50 complex - Product as described
Service rating: Very good quality supplements. Great choice and reasonable price. I definitely will be using them again.
Product: I ordered them to help my son with strong fatigue from long working hours. I wanted something reasonably priced, but i definitely wanted a good combination of vitamins. This was worked really well for us.
Usually justvitamins wre great. This time I wait and wait, probably I will not get it because GB is not inEU!!! and I LOVED your service!!!!!
Very good service
Easy and quick
Service rating: Great products, love this shop and it isn't too far from me so excellent delivery.
Product: All products I have received are fantastic

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