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Kaneka Ubiquinol™ Capsule - 100mg

Highly bioavailable, reduced-form Coenzyme Q10

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Buy Kaneka Ubiquinol™ Capsule - 100mg
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In Stock
  • High bioavailable form of CoQ10
  • Made using only Kaneka Ubiquinol™
  • Popular with those over the age of 50
  • Easy to swallow one a day capsule
Supplement Description

Kaneka Ubiquinol™Ubiquinol is the reduced, active antioxidant form of Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone).  When you take a Coenzyme Q10 supplement the body then has to convert this into ubiquinol so that it can be utilised. Kaneka Ubiquinol™ has over 17 years of research behind it, it’s the only premium quality Ubiquinol on the market naturally produced by yeast fermentation.

Highly bioavailable form

Produced naturally within the body, Ubiquinol is Coenzyme Q10 that has been converted into a substance necessary for use in cellular energy production. Ubiquinol provides every cell in the body with energy so that it can function and is also a powerful antioxidant.  

To consume the recommended 100mg of Ubiquinol a day you’d have to eat: 3.5kg of beef, 120 cans of sardines or 60 avocados daily!

As the body doesn't need to synthesize the ubiquinone into ubiquinol itself, it is considered to be a more bioavailable source.

The ability to convert Coenzyme Q10 into ubiquinol declines with age

The body’s ability to produce its own Coenzyme Q10 declines with age, as does the ability to convert it into ubiquinol. Ubiquinol levels have been shown to be suppressed in older individuals and those with cardiovascular, neurological, liver- and diabetes-related conditions.

Learn more about Kaneka Ubiquinol™

Nutritional Information
Each Ubiquinol 100mg capsule contains:  
Kaneka QH Ubiquinol* 100mg
    *Reduced form of Co-Enzyme Q10
Allergen Advice
See ingredients highlighted in bold.
List of Ingredients
Rapeseed Oil, Ubiquinol (Kaneka Ubiquinol™), Diglyceryl Monooleate, Modified Starch (Corn), Vegetable Glycerol, Beeswax, Carrageenan, Soya Lecithin, Caramel, Disodium Phosphate.
Dosage / Suggested Intake
Swallow one capsule per day with food.
Capsule Size
14mm x 8mm capsule
Legal Category
Food Supplement
Customer Reviews for Kaneka Ubiquinol™ 100mg

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Overall product rating 9.4 / 10 - 115 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Kaneka Ubiquinol™ from 115 reviews (showing latest 50 reviews)
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Review Details
Service rating: I'm so glad I found Just Vitamins. the products are exactly what I need. They arrive quickly and I've never had any cause to complain. I think I'll be with them for a long, log time.
Product: This was a new one for me but what I need. I'll continue with it.
Service rating: Ordering procedure straight forward. Very fast dispatch. Excellent product quality.
Product: Supplement is "natural" and is essential to provide the body's energy requirement.
Service rating: Easy to order, prompt delivery and good prices!
Product: Supplement easy to take
Taking this to boost energy!
Service rating: Fast, efficient and value for money
Product: High quality product at reasonable cost
Very prompt delivery.
Service rating: helpfull
Product: noxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Always great quality supplements at decent prices and delivered quickly. I always check Just Vitamins site first before I order a supplement and if they sell it, I buy it from them.
Service rating: Worked as it should, would recommend
Product: The best on the market, I think
Service rating: Fast delivery, excellent quality, good price.
Product: Previously bought from a US supplier for quality but Just Vitamins is just as good and cheaper
Quickly and easily.
No of the best suppleier.I recommend.
Website experience "Spot On", delivered on time, packaged very well.
Using Ubiquinol for about two weeks now and have seen a vast improvement in my health since taking them. The product manufactured with Kaneka is the same as I would have ordered from the USA if I hadn't come across your site and I will definitely be looking forward to many future supplies from you.

Thanks again,

Service rating: As always very fast and efficient. A good business model.
Product: Best price I've found. Heart health.
Service rating: Excellent customer service from start to finish, great offers, extensive product range and quick delivery
Product: Help with tiredness and sleep
Order process straightforward and purchase received very quickly.
Service rating: They send the purchase really quickly and it packets go through my letterbox.
Product: I don't know whether it makes much difference to me, actually
Ideal packaging first class service.
Service rating: Service excellent, prompt delivery and liked the fact the 'Posti' could the packages
through my letter box.

Good products - Have only been taking the Vits. for a few days so cannot comment on the effect they are having on me, but so far so good.

Would recommend this company and I will be using them again.
Product: Easy to swallow no after taste. I am taking the Ubiquinol to replace my depleted Q10. I am on other medication which depletes the small amount I have left.
Hopefully this supplement will do it's stuff and I will have less tiredness.
Service rating: When I wanted to order your product, it was not in stock. And you informed me immediately when the product was back in stock. I also appreciate your offer of high-quality supplements.
Product: It is a high-quality product.
Service rating: The delivery of the products was very quick.
Product: I've never tried this product before so will need to take it for a period of time to see its effects.
Prompt service and hassle-free.
Prompt delivery.
Service rating: Everything in a professional and timely manner !
Product: Excellent , taken because of taking Statins
Service rating: User friendly website. Easy to select items and placing orders. Fast despatch.
Product: Natural supplement to Coenzyme Q10 produced in the body. Helps to energise heart function and blood circulation. Also helps with cholesterol management.
Service rating: Good product and delivery
Product: Because I take statins and was advised
Service rating: Good product and prompt delivery.
Product: Good product. I am on statin.
Prompt dispatch.
Service rating: Just Vitamins are a superb company to purchase from and I regularly recommend them to friends. Delivery is swift and the quality of the supplements is superb.
Product: Superb quality and very fast delivery.
Service rating: Very good products at good market price. Very easy of ordering products via the online platform - clear information and use of the products.

Very quick delivery throughout normal postal service, so you don't have to wait for the express service to deliver and accept your products.
Product: Good product / Good quality / Affortable prices
Service rating: Fast efficient delivered on time , well packaged with no waste.
Product: For me personally it's perfect.....
Quick delivery well packed. Have not taken them before so have to wait awhile to see how good they are,
Excellent! I'm a regular buyer from Spain and although the packages are not rent recorded delivery - they always arrive. Postal charges are very low which helps me since I am a pensioner. The products are wonderful. Thank you.
Service rating: Always fast and efficient .
Product: It works for me ! Great product !
Service rating: Always prompt delivery.
Product: Competitively priced as anti-ageing supplement but would prefer some of ingredients replaced. Don't really want corn, soya-derived lecithin or Omega-6 (rapeseed oil).
Fast delivery after several past orders. The product is always well packaged and great that I don't miss deliveries as they've always gone through the letter box.
Excellent product
Order was promptly dispatched and arrived as stated. It was well packaged.
Service rating: Very efficient and prompt delivery
Product: Bought it to help with energy levels and really pleased I did. Feel much better for it.
Service rating: Ease of using website, competitively priced and fast delivery
Product: Were exactly as I needed, dose ,quantity etc
Service rating: Produits conformes et prix correct; livraison impeccable.
Product: Produit correspond à mes attentes et au descriptif
I would buy from just vitamins again. Good service
fast and efficient
As good, dependable and trustworthy as usual.
Service rating: Service was reasonable prompt, and returned goods were credited. But, I wasn't happy with the plastic sachets used for your products. It may be shipping friendly, but not convenient for storing for daily use on kitchen tables.
Product: From what I've read, the vitamins are of high quality and there is a broad selection product. Delivery was fast. I returned some things because I didn't like these plastic sachets the vitamins are packaged in. Perhaps they're good for shipping, but not so good for sitting on the kitchen table!
Service rating: Good quality product, fast delivery.
Product: I had low energy and now is improving slowly. I will see in the upcoming months if my good mood and energy level persist...
Service rating: great value for money
Product: really good quality. They benefited me a lot!
Worked as it should
I have not been taking Ubiquinol long enough to notice any difference, I assume that it works, I suppose the real test is if I stop taking it and there is a change in my health.
Service rating: We live in Spain and often items take a long time getting to us but when we ordered through Just Vitamins they arrived very quickly and postage did not cost a fortune either.
Product: I bought them for my husband and he has only been taking them for a week, so too early to tell if they are working yet.
Service rating: Very efficient, effective service.
Items always received by return of post.
Product: Taking it to reduce dose of statins. No blood test as yet to confirm effectiveness.
Super efficient, reliable-will only order from them from now on for products like this.