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Committed to protecting the environment

Our new eco-friendly Bio-Pouch

2020 saw the launch of our brand new, industry-leading, eco-friendly compostable pouches. This means that our product packaging will be fully biodegradable, so once you've finished your pack you can simply pop it into your council-collected garden-waste bin where it will go off for composting.

Responsibility and sustainability

Our eco-friendly pouches are comprised of three layers: kraft paper, film made from vegetal starch and a barrier film made from cellulose. The FSC certified kraft paper uses only wood pulp originating from responsibly managed forests and the barrier film derives from cellulose sourced only from responsibly managed plantations which are FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) and PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified. 

Even the extremely convenient press-to-close zipper is compostable! As well as our eco-friendly pouches, our padded postage bags are also environmentally friendly.  The postage bags are constructed from 100% recycled paper and are fully recyclable and reusable. Our cardboard delivery boxes are made using FSC-certified materials, and printed using water-based inks and varnish, so are also 100% recyclable.

Free of nasties

You can be reassured the new pouches do not contain any component materials obtained from genetically modified sources and are BPA and Pthalate free. The two labels used on the outside of the pouches contain no heavy metals or noxious content and are also fully complaint with compostable rules.

Work just as well as the old packs

They have been rigorously tested to ensure adequate barrier properties against oxygen and water vapour so you can be confident there is no compromise when it comes to the quality and freshness of your supplements.

Fully compliant

The criteria for the industrial compostability of packaging is set in the European standard for compostability EN13432, which requires the compostable plastics to disintegrate after 12 months and completely biodegrade after 6 months under industrial composting conditions. That means that 90% or more of the plastic material will have been converted to CO2 and that our bags comply to this standard. The labels we use on the front and back of our pouches also comply with EN13432 and are made from a mixture of sugar-cane fibre, hemp & linen, using waste sugar cane materials. Our pouches and label both comply with the requirements of Vincotte OK Compost certification for industrial composting

How to look after your pouch

Pouches should be kept in dry, ambient temperature conditions out of direct sunlight while you are using them and then once you're done you can add to your council-collected garden-waste bin, for collection to an industrial composting facility. Please note that our pouches are not suitable for home-composting.

FSC Certified Vincotte Certified for Compostability


® registered trademark of European Bioplastics e.V.


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