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Inositol Capsule - 500mg

Important for the metabolism of cholesterol and fats in the liver

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  • As Myo-Inositol - the superior form
  • Helps in the removal of fat from the liver
  • Important for fat & cholesterol metabolism
  • Can improve the health of cell membranes

Supplement Description

What is Inositol?

Inositol is a water-soluble compound that is closely associated with the B vitamin group. It is a carbohydrate which has been found to have a sweetness taste half that of sucrose (sugar).

Why take Inositol?

Inositol has long been known for its effects on the metabolism of the human body, where it plays its part in the synthesis of secondary messengers within our body cells. It is an essential component of the phospholipids that make up cellular membranes and is found in virtually every cell in the body.  It assists in the transmission of nerve signals, and helps to transport lipids within the body.

Manufactured using high grade myo-inositol

Our capsules contain only myo-Inositol as opposed to D-chiro-inositol.  They each contain 500mg of myo-Inositol, are UK-made, easy to swallow, taste-free and a fully vegetarian capsule.

Food sources of Inositol

Foods containing the highest concentrations of myo-Inositol include fruits, beans, grains and nuts, however in grains this is in a non-available form called phytate. The more bioavailable form of Inositol comes from lecithin.

Nutritional Information

One capsule typically provides:
Inositol 500mg (as myo-inositol)

Allergen Advice

For allergens see ingredients in bold.

List of Ingredients

Inositol, Hydroxypropylmethyl Cellulose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Maltodextrin, Silicon Dioxide.

Dosage / Suggested Intake

Swallow one to two capsules per day with food or as directed by your health professional.

Capsule Size

23.3mm x 8.18mm capsule

Legal Category

Food Supplement

Customer Reviews for Inositol 500mg

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Overall product rating 9.6 / 10 - 44 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Inositol from 44 reviews
Review Date
Review Details
Service Rating: A delivery to Spain within 5 days
Product: Type 2 diabetes. Need to continue before any results
Feedback Response: I hope these prove useful to you.
Service Rating: I'm really happy to purchase the supplements at justvitamin, as only they sell what I've wanted to buy.
Product: I'm taking this pill's for one of the fertility support supplements and so far so good, not side effects.
Service Rating: Very quick to deliver and good prices.would definitely use again.
Product: Taking the supplements for pcos
Great, fast delivery.
Service Rating: Good price and products were exactly what I was after. Standard delivery is not the speediest but I got my items in the time stated.
Product: I've been advised to take this for fertility treatment- I don't feel any different but hopefully it's doing what it should be!
Service Rating: Always the fastest delivery. Simple to use service. I always choose this company when I buy my Inositol
Product: Great value for money, high quality supplements,
Quick speedy service! Price points good.
Service Rating: Service excellent. Delivery as stated and prices superb.
Product: I bought these for my daughter who has PCOS (Polycystic ovaries) after doing some research and reading that Myo-Inositol was highly recommended for this condition. She is taking this alongside Folic Acid. She was originally prescribed a contraceptive pill from her GP but she gained so much weight it was untrue. She also had other sidev effects which I felt were more damaging to her ovaries so I persuaded her to stop the pill and try the Inositol. She has only been taking the Myo-Inositol and Folic Acid for 1 month so it's a little early yet to say whether they are helping/working but one thing I have noticed is that her mood is much better so that's a bonus on its on. Only time will tell if these help with her PCOS.
Service Rating: Very quick and efficient process -from purchase to delivery. Packaging was spot on and I'd definitely use them again. I've recommend to my friends and family too.
Product: I'm currently taking it for my PCOS after I was told about the health benefits.
Service Rating: Resealable packet does actually reseal unlike many other similar products. Pills a little on the large size for swallowing but ok .Too soon to say whether doing what I want from them (help with repairing myelin damage) but so far so good.
Product: Easy enough to take; resealable package does actually reseal; part of a programme of health vitamins and so far, so good
Service Rating: Great
Product: Too many questions for such a small order
Service Rating: Easy to order and quick free delivery 👌
Product: They are rather larger than I expected but I can swallow them, just!
prompt service. Goods as described.
Service Rating: Easy to navigate website and found what I wanted quickly. Order was straightforward and free delivery (3-5 days) arrived the same week.
Product: Rated 4 stars as I am assuming they are working. I certainly feel much more calm.
Service Rating: A great service.
Product: Great product. Good value for money and a prompt service with regular despatch updates.
Great service, fast delivery!!!
Service Rating: Very prompt delivery service and packaged well.
Product: Very good product and seems to work after taking for a short period of time.
Service Rating: Service (despatch, packing etc.) - perfect as always.
Product: The product seems good. I am taking it because I learned that inositol may help to reduce acne and regulate periods, as part of a broader treatment (with few more supplements). So far I don't have any break-outs and I will continue the treatment. I know it works (not just a placebo or something) because I was very noticeably tired when taking this supplement in the morning (It should be accompanied by increased intake of magnesium, and preferably taken at night to mitigate the tiredness during the day). When taken at night - no problems with drowsiness during the day.
I would recommend to women who are coming off the pill and want to regulate periods and prevent break outs.
Brilliant service
Service Rating: Quality products. Prompt delivery. Helpful customer service. They have a user friendly website, easy to navigate. Thoroughly recommended. I don't think Just Vitamins could do anything better. Product: Inositol is one the best supplements available (if not the best) for the treatment of anxiety and Just Vitamins are one of the few supplement companies that sell it in convenient capsule form.
Service Rating: Delivered at top speed,packaged impressively. Will be using yourselves again. Product: Too soon to tell as keep forgetting to take. But hoping for good outcome.
Service Rating: Great website, great range, quick delivery will defo use again. Product: Great product, easy to take.
Easy to navigate website. Simple to order and swift delivery. Will use again.
Service Rating: Product arrived very quickly and well packaged.
Product: It is to soon to tell if the product will have the desired affect.
Service Rating: Excellent
Product: Hoping the product is having the suggested internal effects!
Service Rating: Excellent
Product: Hard to find myoinositol. Good quality product.
Service Rating: Fast service, well packaged easy to use website
Product: A new one for me to try..... big in the states for treatment of pcos so thought it worth a try..... 1000mg tablets would be good but still OK in 500mg firm just need to take quite a lot a day .
Service Rating: Arrived very quickly. Packaging was excellent, all items packed in a very nice box.
Overall service - excellent.
Product: Great product.
Good service, prompt delivery.
Service Rating: Usual speedy service of 2 days, letter-box friendly. Please consider making in 1000mg strength
Product: OCD, very helpful
Service Rating: Excellent, speedy service (2 days on standard delivery) and great that it fits through the letterbox.
Product: Effective, using in OCD. Only problem that it only comes in 500mg dose; as the dose increases using 500mg capsules becomes impractical as you have to take too many capsules. Other companies make 650/750/1000mg
Service Rating: Usual speedy service
Product: used for OCD but would be great to get this product in a 1000mg version so could take less capsules a day (taking 8 x 500mg capsules - to take 4 would be so much nicer)
Service Rating: Usual speedy service, the discount much appreciated
Product: OCD - would be great if company could answer my query of whether they could consider making this product in 1000mg dose - especially useful for people taking larger doses as 500mg means a lot of capsules
Service Rating: Quick, efficient, effective delivery - like the fact it fits through the letterbox
Product: OCD - no side effects
Service Rating: Exceptionally speedy service. Packaging enables product to fit through letterbox.
Product: Use for OCD with good effect. Would be even better if you could make product in 750/1000mg capsules to reduce number of capsules taken daily. Although the therapeutic dose is not established it is widely reported as being between 4 - 16g daily - a lot of capsules to take. Product vegetarian as advertised - unlike some other companies.
Service Rating: Excellent service - knowledgeable team, remarkably fast service - standard delivery took 2 days from ordering, product fits through letterbox so no need to stay in and wait for delivery - excellent
Product: Would be even better if they could make inositol 1000mg so could take 4 capsules daily rather than 8. Have made this query and hoping to hear soon if this is possible.
Service Rating: Great service fast delivery
Product: Hard to get in the shop here. no complaints about product. I will be ordering again
Service Rating: Very quick delivery outside the UK. Customer service very good and quick to reply.
Product: Very pleased with the product.
Service Rating: The fastest delivery I've ever experienced
Product: Good packaging and good tablets
Service Rating: The delivery was very quick - ordered on Friday and received on Saturday - very impressed.
Product: I am using this supplement just one week (3 grams a day which is 2 pills of 500mg x 3 times a day) but I already feel much better. My moods are improving, I feel less anxious and my blood pressure surprisingly is back to normal as I had it recently unusually high for me (I do not know the reason for it becoming suddenly so high - is it the corticosteroid injections to my neck that caused it or anxiety and heart palpitations which I also think may be a consequence of those injections because I never had these symptoms before). I am glad I found Inositol and I'll see how it goes further.
Service Rating: Very quick delivery received an email straight away confirming the order
Product: I haven't been using them long enough to see a positive result yet but seem ok so far

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