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Acidophilus Plus+ with Prebiotic Capsules

Helps maintain the balance of gut bacteria - new delayed release formula

Acidophilus Plus+ with Prebiotic main product image
Acidophilus Plus+ with Prebiotic tablet view
Acidophilus Plus+ with Prebiotic
Acidophilus Plus+ with Prebiotic
Acidophilus Plus+ with Prebiotic
Acidophilus Plus+ with Prebiotic
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  • Provides 5 billion probiotic bacteria
  • Contains 6 carefully selected strains for maximum effectiveness
  • Comes with a supporting prebiotic base
  • Newly formulated to be 'delayed release'
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Supplement Description

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics is an umbrella term for all the different beneficial bacteria that exist in your digestive tract. There are many different strains of bacteria, each offering their own unique health benefits but as a whole they provide vital support to your overall health and well being.

What is Acidophilus Plus?

Primarily a probiotic supplement - Acidophilus Plus+ (5 billion) capsules provides 5 billion probiotic bacteria, alongside a supporting prebiotic base. The prebiotic base provides the bacteria culture with the best environment in which to survive, thrive and do their work.

Why take a probiotic supplement?

For healthy digestion and general well-being we need to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut. Modern-day lifestyle, stress and some drugs, especially antibiotics, can deplete our friendly bacteria which play a vital role in blood cholesterol and immune health as well as our ability to absorb nutrients.

Just Vitamins Acidophilus Plus+ (5 billion) contains six carefully selected strains for maximum probiotic effectiveness, and are ideal for maintaining the right balance of friendly bacteria in the system or for after a course of antibiotics.

Acidophilus Plus+ (5 billion) probiotic bacteria can also be useful during prolonged periods of stress and to assist digestion in people of a mature age.

Product Information

Acidophilus Plus+ with Prebiotic capsule view
Capsule Size
21.7mm x 7.65mm
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Customer Reviews for Acidophilus Plus+ with Prebiotic

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Overall product rating 9.6 / 10 - 365 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Acidophilus Plus+ with Prebiotic from 365 reviews (showing latest 25 reviews)
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Review Details
Service rating: I have been purchasing vitamins from this website for a number if years snd I have always found it a very good service
Product: Since taking these tablets I found they help gut alot
Prompt delivery
Service rating: Goods always sent promptly
Product: Stomach pains ibs. Works fine
That was a mistake, we rate Just Vitamins with 5 Stars plus!! Your stars were difficult to “tab” and a bit unclear how to inform you. 5 stars!!!
Service rating: Fast delivery, good value.
Product: Great value. Fast delivery
Service rating: Delivery quick and packaging ok. I use them daily and hope they work. I'm 85 years old
Product: Some more expensive ones have a wider range of active ingredients. I think these are good for the price
Service rating: I always use Just Vitamins products & I recommend them to my friends and family. However I am extremely disappointed that I cannot receive them directly now as I live in Lanzarote. Please organize a European site soon!
Product: I have an underactive thyroid so my peristalsis needs a little help. Taking this excellent product gives me that help. The probiotic keeps me well and I haven’t caught a cold after wearing a mask perpetually.
Good service &excellent product priced really well, will definitely buy again
Service rating: Always excellent service and products.
Product: Trust the product and ingredients
Service rating: Quick delivery as always
Product: So good for holidays and keeping your gut healthy
I contact them online, order what I need and the package arrives on my doorstep within a day or two. What more can you want..
Never had any problems
Service rating: Very fast delivery and a good product for the price
Product: Very good product and price
This is my go to online vitamin store.
Plenty of information on all vitamins. Transactions are quick and easy.
Packaging is all environmentally friendly and postage is rapid. Highly recommend you try Just Vitamins.
Service rating: Ordered just before Easter holiday arrived In Time for Easter, Eggcellent service from this company, will definitely order again in the future
Product: Very good, used after Antibiotics for stomach problems,
Good prices, well packaged, & good delivery
It was fine and I would buy again if they have what I want.
Service rating: As ever, my order arrived promptly and is of the usual high quality. It always is.
Product: Good quality swiftly delivered.
Excellent service and products are good value.
Service rating: Fast delivery a good item so far so good =)
Product: Good helps me to digest food better. =) 5*
Service rating: Great efficient service from ordering paying to delivery.
Product: I’m taking to stop Candida (thrush)
Service rating: Good quality products, great fast delivery
Product: Helps with keeping my digestive symptoms at bay.
Service rating: Goid value and goid service
Product: has improved my digestion
Service rating: Fast delivery
Product: Easy to swallow and I prefer it to taking the probiotic separately
Service rating: the service is good so is the products.
Product: these capsulei'm definitely buying again i told my friend about them and he is ordering them
Very competitive prices and fast delivery.

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