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Saw Palmetto 2500mg + Zinc & Selenium Capsules

High quality concentrated extract, specially formulated for men's health

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  • High quality concentrated extract
  • Rich source of fatty acids
  • With Zinc & Selenium to support fertility
  • Easy to swallow vegetarian capsule
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Supplement Description

Our Saw Palmetto capsules provide the equivalent of 2500mg of berries from a high quality concentrated extract (which has up to a 56mg fatty acid content), all in an easy to swallow vegetarian capsule.

What is Saw Palmetto?

Whilst commonly known as saw palmetto its official botanical name is Serenoa Repens. The tree earned its name from the shape of the jagged, sharp leaves that adorn this small palm. Mainly found along the Atlantic coast, from South Carolina to Florida and Southern California, the palm grows from 6 to 10 feet high, and is a common sight along this route. 

The berries of the Saw Palmetto tree are prized for their free fatty acids and plant sterol content, and extracts of the berries have been taken by man for many years. In fact, it has been long used in traditional native American medicine for male health problems

Why take our Saw Palmetto with added Zinc & Selenium

Selenium and zinc are two key minerals for fertility health. Selenium is needed by the male body to make sperm, while Zinc is important for fertility and reproductive health. Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal serum testosterone concentrations.

Product Information

Saw Palmetto 2500mg + Zinc & Selenium capsule view
Capsule Size
19.4mm x 6.91mm
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Customer Reviews for Saw Palmetto 2500mg + Zinc & Selenium

The views expressed below are the personal opinion of Just Vitamins customers. Just Vitamins does not endorse these views, nor should they be regarded as health claims or medical advice. All reviews are collected and verified as genuine by a 3rd party called Feefo.

Overall product rating 9.4 / 10 - 365 customers have independently reviewed and recommend Saw Palmetto 2500mg + Zinc & Selenium from 365 reviews (showing latest 25 reviews)
Review Date
Review Details
Service rating: Very efficient and easy to use
Product: Product is used by my father, always very happy with this product and delivery times
Service rating: Always easy to find product and ordering is straightforward especially if you have an account and just repeat order
Product: It has helped my prostate problem I have been taking for about 6/7 years and it has helped to control my prostate problem and I can usually sleep through the night without any disturbances!
seemed to help
Fast efficient service and the product is effective
Service rating: Good quick delivery
Product: Too early to give an opinion but seem good
Service rating: First class and speedy delivery no waiting for a courier all day long it just came in the post
Product: I'm taking these along with 2 other prostate tablets toilet journeys are now every 3 hours instead of every 15 minutes life now has a function not sure how much is down to these saw palmetto but dropping one of the other tablets next week as I've run out but my mate has said with a shrunken prostate from all my pills saw palmetto should do the trick just fine at keeping it small only time will tell
Speedy delivery. Good packing. I can't comment on the product as I haven't started using it yet.
Service rating: Fast efficient service. Liked the eco packaging. Also very competitively priced.
Product: My husband was recommended to take this supplement.
They were ordered and turned up very quickly
Service rating: Just Vitamins have a good range of products at a competitive price.
Product: I am taking this supplement as I have an enlarged protate and tyhey appear to reduce the symptoms.
Service rating: delivery is on time and I have been taken these capsules for years and they have kept my PSA down
thank you
Product: I have already done this for you
Excellent service
The service was good and the pills arrived in good time. I would recommend them to others
Service rating: Fast and efficient service. Quality products. highly competitive pricing.
Product: Good quality at a dose that actually works to relieve prostate swelling.
Very speedy , trouble free service.
My last delivery required me to pay the delivery service € 11,00.Is this the new normal because€11,00 on £ 44,00 seems excessive. COMMENT ?
Did not receive items
Service rating: I have taken Saw Palmetto for years to help with symptoms of my enlarged prostate. My usual supplier was out of stock so I have bought some from Just Vitamins. Their website was easy to navigate and select the item I wanted. The price is comparable to other suppliers.
Product: I take Saw Palmetto to reduce the effects on an enlarged prostate. The products seems fine and I continue to enjoy reduced symptoms. It is a similar price and content as my previous supplier's product so may continue to buy from Just Vitamins.
good service, but somewhat let down by seal failures on packets
Service rating: See all my previous reviews, they are always first class. What more do you want?
Product: Too early to say, need more time
Service rating: Delivered on time as promised
Product: It’s seems to do the trick
Service rating: Started to improve the problem really quite quickly, my husband has been taking these now for about 18 months.
Product: Improved the problem for my husband really quickly and he has continued using them for the last 18 months or so.
Service rating: Excellent service and good value for money. Would recommend to my friends.
Product: Perfect! Excellent choice of products at reasonable prices.
Service rating: Good service
Product: Very good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I was pleased to find that you would take my order over the phone without the trouble of computerised . Delivery was very quick and I like the packaging. I shall continue using Just Vitamins. Thank You.

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