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What does bioavailable mean?

Jan 29, 2014 | 1 min read
What does highly bioavailable mean

Bioavailability is the amount of a nutrient that is available for absorption into the large intestine and for the body to subsequently utilise - it is measured by the rate the supplement is absorbed into the body after consumption.

Just because you take a certain strength/dose of a supplement that doesn't necessarily mean that your body will get all of it to use.

You could buy a more expensive, lower strength supplement and gain more benefit than a higher strength cheaper alternative.

What does it depend on?

There are three main factors which affect the bioavailability of a supplement:

  1. How it has been formulated
  2. How it has been administered i.e. the type of tablet/capsule/caplet etc
  3. The quality of the supplement

Other factors include:

The quality of your vitamins and supplements is paramount - a poor quality supplement can mean that your body excretes a large proportion because it can't be absorbed efficiently. If it is excreted it cannot be used by the body.

High bioavailability indicates:

  • A good quality, well formulated supplement
  • A high proportion of the strength is utilised and absorbed by the body

Low bioavailability

  • A poorer quality, cheaply formulated supplement
  • A smaller proportion of the strength is utilised and absorbed by the body

Don't be fooled by cheap and mass produced supplements - be wary and investigate the quality of your supplier.  You could literally be peeing your money away!


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