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Raspberry Ketones are now a 'Novel Food'

Mar 20, 2014 | 2 min read
Raspberry Ketones are now a 'Novel Food'

Yesterday the Food Standards agency completed its review of Raspberry Ketones and they have now officially been given a 'Novel Food' status. This means until an application to authorise the supplement is made and granted then it is not legal to sell within the European Union.

What is novel food status?

Novel food status is is a EU Regulation which covers food and food ingredients. It's overall purpose is to ensure that the food and ingredients that we are sold and eat are safe for human consumption and their purpose is not misleading.

How are foods and ingredients classed as novel?

The first step in classifying a novel food is to determine if it has had any significant history of consumption within the EU before the 15th May 1997. 

  • If Yes: then it is highly unlikely to be classified as a novel food
  • If No: then a safety assessment is made to determine if it is safe to consume

Why have raspberry ketones been classed as novel?

Firstly they are a new product to the market and there is no history of consumption.

Secondly there has been a tendency to market raspberry ketones for weight loss and 'fat burning' - there is absolutely no evidence that the product helps with either of these therefore consumers are being misled.

Can I still buy raspberry ketones?

Not legally! Due to yesterdays classification as a novel food, this now means that they cannot be marketed legally within the EU until an application has been made to the Food Standards Agency. It will only be legal to sell again once the product has been approved and considered safe for consumption and not marketed in a way which misleads consumers.

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Jun 26, 2014
holland & barratt are today selling raspberry ketone / green coffee combo. £19.99 for 30 capsules. 26th june.
Jul 28, 2014
I have bought these supplements in a health food shop and they are freely available through
Replied to on: Aug 4, 2014
In our experience, there can often be a bit of a delay between rulings and then enforcement. It's quite likely that the retailers in question are just selling their stocks through before Trading Standards or MHRA catch up with them.
Jan 25, 2015
I used to work for the Food Standards Agency so can help clear up the confusion... There is a legal loophole: a particular process for making raspberry ketones has been used for flavourings for a long time and so when this is used they are not considered to be a Novel food. In particular, the form sold by Holland and Barratt was examined by Trading Standards and is allowed under the law. The products sold by Amazon may or may not be legal: enforcement tends to be difficult with Amazon. In particular, for the whole of last year Amazon was breaking the law by selling a breakfast cereal made with GM corn without labelling it as such, nor by giving the warnings that are legally required about the side effects of the various chemicals added to this product.
Replied to on: Jan 30, 2015
Thanks very much for the clarification. Without directly referencing the high-street store that you mentioned, there is still no proof that the product does any good whatsoever and it's interesting that companies can move to a variant produced via a certain extraction method, which may or may not be the variant that they originally claimed 'worked'! Sounds like they just wanted to sell a tablet called Raspberry Ketones and found a loophole enable them to do so.
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