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How and when should I take my supplements?

Apr 10, 2014 | 2 min read
How and when should I take my supplements?

One of the most common themes for questions asked through the Just Vitamins Nutrition Advice line is related to getting the maximum benefit from a supplement, and more specifically “when in the day should I take my supplement?”


  • Water soluble vitamins (e.g. the B Vitamins and Vitamin C) need to be taken with water.
  • Fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) need to be taken with some fat, this could be as little as a glass of semi-skimmed milk.
  • Supplements should be taken with food (except for amino acids, when you should leave a 2 hour break)
  • Take mineral supplements after your evening meal as the body’s bio-absorption efficiency is best at night.
  • Maintaining consistent intake is key so find a routine that suits you. Maybe with your breakfast at home or your mid morning break at work. You may want to leave some supplements at work and at home, so you don’t forget at weekends.
  • For maximum absorption spread the dosage throughout the day.
  • Don’t break tablets up, but if you have to take four capsules of one supplement, then you could take two earlier in the day, then two later on.
  • If you miss taking your supplement, or miss a whole day, then don’t try to ‘catch up’ by taking a bunch in one go. Just stick to your daily routine and continue on as usual. You will undoubtedly do more harm than good by taking too many at once.

To be avoided

  • Never take herbs with prescribed or ‘over the counter’ drugs, speak to your doctor first or the technical advice line of the company who is supplying the supplements
  • Follow the recommended intake advice on the label
  • Prescribed medication and supplements, especially herbs should not be taken together.
  • If you have any doubts about the supplement you are taking, stop and seek technical advice from your GP or another reputable source.
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May 10, 2014
Interesting can you please tell me when & how to take mr garlic & Codliver oil capsules
Replied to on: May 12, 2014
Garlic and Cod Liver OIl capsules should be taken with food ideally, but the most important thing is that you remember to take them! So try to keep them somewhere that you will remember to take them and don't forget to allow for a change of routine at the weekend, so you may want to leave some at home and some at work for example.
May 11, 2014
I have recently ordered from you 'l-Theanine' I take them with Q10 and omnic, in the morning and before I sleep somtimes I take a very strong sleeping pill. Is thast wrong?
Replied to on: May 12, 2014
Nutritional supplements and medicines can interact, so it would be prudent to allow a 2 hour gap between them. As to whether taking omnic and a sleeping pill together is a good idea, I think that is something you should talk to your GP about.
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