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High Strength L-Theanine Capsules - 400mg

UK's strongest L-Theanine - Pure & potent double-strength capsules

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  • Aids relaxation
  • May improve quality of sleep
  • Popular alongside 5HTP
  • Strongest & purest form available
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Supplement Description

Introducing our new double-strength L-Theanine capsules. L-Theanine supports a sense of calm, contentment and well-being. It crosses the blood brain barrier and has been shown to increase brain alpha waves in less than 40 minutes. Alpha brain waves are an indication of a state of relaxation and mental alertness similar to that achieved through meditation, this promotes a feeling of relaxation but with an alert state of mind. This is particularly useful to know as it can be taken during the day to support relaxation without a sedating effect.

Theanine is an amino acid found predominantly in tea.  When you have a stressful moment or a shock the immediate thought (well for us Brits anyway) is to have a 'cuppa'! A joke to some maybe, but is there a real reason as to why? Yes, it's L-Theanine, which is believed to be responsible for the calming and relaxing effect brought about by a good old cup of tea.

L-theanine facilitates the production of GABA (a neurotransmitter that has a calming effect on the brain), it has also been shown to support quality sleep and may have a positive effect on memory and learning. 

Purest form available, strong and high grade material

A single capsule provides 400mg of this high-grade amino acid in a vegetarian capsule - currently the strongest form available in the UK.

Product Information

High Strength L-Theanine 400mg capsule view
Capsule Size
23.3mm x 8.53mm
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Customer Reviews for High Strength L-Theanine 400mg

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Overall product rating 9.4 / 10 - 111 customers have independently reviewed and recommend High Strength L-Theanine from 111 reviews (showing latest 25 reviews)
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Review Details
Service rating: Easy to use website and checkout facility with product description clear and understandable.
Have bought from this company many times and have always been pleased with tneir products
Product: I have anxiety issues and found the high strength L-Theanine to be very effective. It never fails to work and doesn’t upset the stomach. It certainly works well for me.
Easy to use and fast delivery
The service was excellent
as good as ever
Service rating: Yes I will recommend and will also use your services again. The supplements were very well packed with necessary paper work inside.
Product: These really work. calming the mind and improving the mood.
Service rating: Great value - delivery free for 3 to 5 days (often sooner). Despatched immediately and great that their products fit through the letterbox so you don't have to be in.
Product: I used to take one of these before a difficult presentation or something which caused anxiety. They definitely work, in a subtle way. I like that they help with anxiety but keep a clear head. Now I have one daily with other vitamins to keep me on an even keel and for the benefit of L-Theanine (the same effects as green tea). Absolutely no side effects and perfectly safe and beneficial.
Service rating: I need high strength for my stress levels, thank you for your service, you sent them promptly.
Product: I need high strength for my stress levels
Service rating: Very reliable and prompt service and a great product line
Product: My go too supplement when anxious it calms without making you sluggish. I’ve found the high strength one is particularly effective and relaxes me so I can continue my day.
Never received my last order, it wasn't stopped by customs as I did not receive any communication from them either
Feedback Response: Hi Ray, I'm very sorry to hear your order hasn't arrived. I have contacted you via email to discuss this and we will of course refund in full any orders which haven't been received. Orders outside the UK have been a problem for some time and we have now suspended orders and are working with our couriers for a better solution.
Service rating: Unbelievable to have totally free and really fast delivery through the letterbox. Very reliable - couldn't be easier.
Product: I've taken L-Theanine for years. At first using only before occasions or situations that made me anxious and now daily when going through a busy time when I need to be calm and clear headed. Good high dose and excellent value
Service rating: Excellent, prompt, efficient service
Product: Excellent value for money
Excellent buy well worth it
great service
Good service
Service rating: Very prompt and efficient service
Product: Helps me to relax and get better sleep
Service rating: Ordered as previously happy with product and price. Now there is a much wider range available elsewhere with higher strength products available at lower cost.
Product: L theanine - taken for concentration and calm seems to have some benefits.
Service rating: They deliver things very quickly and in good packaging.
Product: These are good, they calm my moods right down. Strongly recommended for Fybro sufferers.
Fast efficient service as ever.
Service rating: As always super . From enquiry to delivery. Faultless.
Product: Smooth and calming product.
Service rating: Good products and great service.
Product: Find them very helpful and calming
Service rating: Fast delivery
Product: Amazed by their effectiveness. Very pleased, will buy again.
Service rating: Came very quickly
Product: Have been taking them for years
Service rating: Brilliant site
Product: Great for anxiety take before bed or in morning
Service rating: I think they are an honest firm with reasonable prices and I like the way they do not send their products in glass or plastic containers.
Product: It certainly seems to work for me.