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Coenzyme Q10 30mg Capsules

Plays an essential role in our energy

  • Oil based for best absorption
  • An antioxidant nutrient
  • Nature's spark plug
  • Popular for the over 40s
90 Capsules
9.9p / Capsule
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180 Capsules
8.9p / Capsule
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In the past decade Co-enzyme Q 10 Capsules have risen to be one of the most popular dietary supplements around the world. It is actually a natural substance produced by the body (it is present in every cell) but levels may decrease as we get older.
Coenzyne Q10 is often recommended for the elderly because the body’s ability to make it declines with age. It has been shown that cholesterol lowering drugs called statins, reduce CoQ10 levels in the body therefore it is increasingly recommended to take a Co-Q10 supplement if you are taking statins.

                                                                Also available as Co-Enzyme Q10 100mg
                                                                        and Co-Enzyme Q10 200mg

Many opt to take a Q10 supplement at age 40 and beyond. This antioxidant nutrient plays an essential role in our energy and may help to maintain heart health.

Just Vitamins Co-Enzyme Q10 30mg is now ALLERGEN FREE

The Co-Enzyme Q10 powder is suspended within the capsule in sunflower oil to maximise absoption levels within the body.

Nutritional Information

Each Co-Enzyme Q10 capsule provides:
 Natural Co Enzyme Q10 30mg

Allergen Advice

Co Enzyme Q10 capsules do not contain any allergens as listed in Food Labelling Regulations (1996) Schedule AA1
This product is free from: Yeast, Salt & Sugar and does not contain any Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives.

Dosage / Suggested Intake

Swallow one Q10 30mg capsule per day with food, or as directed by your health professional.

Capsule Size

14mm x 9mm capsule

Legal Category

Food Supplement

List of Ingredients

Sunflower Seed Oil, Gelatin, Glycerine, Natural Co-Enzyme Q10, Silicon Dioxide, Black and Red Iron Oxides

Customer Reviews

100% of customers like and recommend Coenzyme Q10 30mg from 18 reviews
Review Date
Review Details
Service Rating : good products.
Product : bought many times.very good products.
Service Rating : Package arrived promptly and to the correct address.
Product : Have been taking it for 3 years now to offset statins and it has helped so much, not only with protection for my liver but also to additionally reduce my cholesterol level. I didn't tell my doctor here in Portugal that I was taking the supplement and he was amazed at how well I was doing once I started using it. So thank you
Service Rating : I always order all my pills from just vitamins, ive had no problems with them, my order as come fast and fine and I have ordered enough from them and have recommended them to friends and family in the past and they have said the same, how good the company is and the service is great, its also quick and easy to order online which is great for everyone
Product : I came down with all my teeth playing up and had no where to turn to a friend told me that she had taken Q10 to help with her teeth and as we both suffer with pelvic congestion which is all to do with your veins and blood not pumping well round the body, then this would be a great help to both of us for that, which it is helping and It has given my problem with all my teeth go away........touch wood lol. im now on my second lot of these pills and I find they keep my body and mind balanced.
This a service and product line I would recommend to all
Good efficient service
Service Rating : excellent
Product : no comments
Service Rating : Ordering was easy and delivery was very quick. I especially like the packaging, no waiting to have it redelivered.
Product : So far, I haven't really taken them for long enough to give an excellent, I definately have more energy
Service Rating : Very good service
Product : Good product
Service Rating : Excellent service perfectly packaged and quick delivery
Product : I take these myself, as well as I give them to my dogs they are very good as a supplement for dogs prone to mvd
Service Rating : Good company generally, can be slow with the delivery
Product : I am on Simvastatin and find this helps with the side affects of that drug.
good service, arrived quickly
Service Rating : couldnt be better!
Product : Best that i have tried
Fast efficient service with free delivery
Great products, great prices and speedy free delivery. Says it all!
Service Rating : I was pleased with the prompt service and competitive price
Product : Yje pills are in good condition and seem to be all that they should be.
Excellent delivery time. Will use Just Vitamins again.
Service Rating : Prompt service and good packaging.
Product : Easy to take capsule in a handy airtight pouch.
Service Rating : i am really impressed
Product : since they were recommended to me i have felt much better, thankyou

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