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A comprehensive range of over 100 health supplements

Especially formulated for you and your family's health and wellbeing, all of our supplements are categorised according to their main health benefits. However, many vitamins & supplements have more than one function - so make sure you look over the list of related categories on each product page.

Don't be afraid of the huge selection - call our FREE supplement advice line if you need any help!

Our Expertise

We've been in the health nutrition business for many years, and understand the diverse needs of our customers. We are available to offer advice to you, and hope that our supplements can provide health maintenance, and be there to help support you as needed. We take a responsible and ethical approach to supplementation - you won't find us offering super-max strength tablets if it they aren't needed - why should you pay for 10,000mg if the body only needs 10mg?
Call us now for some FREE supplement advice.

Our Quality

Just Vitamins places product quality at the top of our agenda. All of our supplements are manufactured to the strictest UK manufacturing standards, and our Midlands packing and processing facility is compliant with all relevant Food Safety requirements. Not only that, but we are regularly inspected by Environmental Health, as well as UK Trading Standards, so you can rest assured that Just Vitamins takes your product safety seriously. Just Vitamins is a member of HFMA - our UK industry body - who helps support us in the ever-changing landscape surrounding Food Supplement production.

Our Service

Most of our supplements are available in our unique letterbox-friendly, re-sealable pouches, which enable you to receive your supplements 'through your door, not to your door!'. No more trips to the post office to collect your package, which saves you a huge hassle, plus think of the environment - have you had to drive to your main sorting office recently? How much traffic!? The rising cost of fuel - and then you have to find a parking space! Plus we usually dispatch your order on the same day you place it (read our delivery info), so you may have your supplements with you the very next day. Why not see what other people have said about us? Our Customer Testimonials page should tell you everything you need to know!

Our Value

It's no secret that some of the major high street outlets charge hugely inflated prices for some very ordinary products. This is because they have huge cost-overheads for prime high-street premises, and massive advertising budgets to pay for. We have deliberately avoided all of this, so are able to make huge savings, which we pass directly on to you.

Our Environment

We use recycled materials for our shipping boxes and implement energy saving and recycling schemes across the offices and factory. By purchasing online our customers are able to shop from the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need to drive to a specialist store, and the letterbox friendly packaging guarantees that extra journeys to the post office are never required. As staff are recruited locally, they are encouraged to walk or cycle to work, again avoiding unnecessary car journeys.

So who are we?

Your main telephone contacts are Mandy, Frankie, Carol and Lauren - all of whom will be able to help you with everything you need. Just Vitamins' Managing Director is Simon Petros - if you have any issue that can't be sorted out by our excellent team, then please ask for him directly. You can find Just Vitamins contact details here.

Company Details

Just Vitamins Ltd is registered in England as Company No. 3991727. Registered address: Wolfe Road, Coventry. CV4 9UP.
VAT Registration No: 861973685