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Coconut Oil (Organic) Softgel capsule - 1000mg

A Naturally Occurring Energy Source

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Buy Coconut Oil (Organic) Softgel capsule - 1000mg
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  • A rich source of medium-chain fatty acids
  • Easily digested and converted to energy
  • Contains NO trans fat
  • Certified Organic and pure source

Supplement Description

One of the special unique features of coconut oil is it structural make-up; it is made up of medium-chain fatty acids. These medium-chain fatty acids have antimicrobial properties are are more easily digested by the body for energy than more common fats, which are typically long chain fatty acids.

Not all saturated fats are bad!

Coconut oil is high in saturated fats. There is a widespread misconception that all saturated fats are bad however this is not correct.  Some saturated fats such as those in coconut oil occur naturally while other fats are artificially manipulated into a saturated state through the man-made process called hydrogenation - it is these highly processed and refined saturated fats which are known to have a detrimental effect to health and are associated with conditions such as cardiovascular disease.

Certified Organic by the Phillipine National Standards on Organic Culture

Made with premium quality organic virgin coconut oil

Our Coconut Oil Softgel Capsules are made from the best quality virgin coconut oil. Our source is from the Philippines and has Organic Certification from the Philippine National Standards and OCCP Standards on Organic Agriculture.  Ordinary coconut oil is typically extracted by cold compression or cold milling of dried coconut kernels and then subjected to fermentation, churning, refrigeration, enzymes and finally boiling to separate the water from the oil. Our preferred extraction method is chosen to preserve the delicate integrity of the raw materials, the virgin process means they are not subjected to any heat, sunlight or chemicals.  This process ensures the Vitamin E and minerals which coconut oil naturally contains is not robbed from the supplement by heat.

Natures richest source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs)

Coconut oil is nature’s richest source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), also known as medium-chain triglycerides. Most common vegetable or seed oils are comprised of long chain fatty acids (LCFAs), also known as long-chain triglycerides.  LCFAs are large molecules therefore are difficult for your body to break down. this results in them being predominantly stored as fat. MCFAs however being smaller, are more easily digested and immediately burned by your liver for energy—like carbohydrates, but without the insulin spike. MCFAs actually help your body use fat for energy, as opposed to storing it.

Nutritional Information

Each capsule typically provides: Coconut Oil 1000mg

List of Ingredients

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Gelatin, Glycerine, Water, Titanium Dioxide

Dosage / Suggested Intake

Adults: Take one to two capsules per day with food.

Legal Category

Food Supplement

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