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Coenzyme Q10 Capsules - 200mg

Strongest Co-Q10 supplement available

  • Best quality All Natural NOT synthetic
  • Often called an 'energy booster'
  • Fantastic value compared to shops
  • One of the UK's strongest
60 Capsules
- Save £4.39
29.3p / Capsule
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120 Capsules
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25.0p / Capsule
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This is our premium strength Coenzyme Q10 capsule, containing 200mg of naturally fermented CoQ10, formulated to help aid absorbtion.

One of the strongest concentrations in the UK at exceptional value

The technical name for Coenzyme Q10 is Ubiquinone. It is a nutrient found in every cell of the body.  It is an antioxidant nutrient and it plays an essential role in helping to release energy from the food we consume. Many opt to take a Q10 supplement at age 40 and beyond. People who are using statins may wish to consider taking Coenzyme Q10 alongside them, as studies have shown statins deplete Co-Q10 levels in the body.

Pure all natural source optimised for absorbtion 

We manufacture our supplement  using a natural fermentation process to obtain Coenzyme Q10 powder . Natural Co Q10 is the best quality on the market and does not contain any impurities that can be present in synthetically producted Co Q10.

As a final reassurance of quality for you we have formulated our capsules to help maximise absorption within the body by suspending the Coenzyme Q10 powder within the capsule in oil.

Nutritional Information

Each Co-Enzyme Q10 capsule provides:
 Natural Co-Enzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone) 200mg

Allergen Advice

This product CONTAINS Soya.
These Co-Enzyme Q10 capsules are FREE FROM Nuts, Gluten, Dairy, Yeast, Salt, Sugar. Artificial Colours, Flavours & Preservatives.

Dosage / Suggested Intake

Swallow one Co-Enzyme Q10 200mg capsule per day with food, or as directed by your health professional.

Capsule Size

15mm x 10mm capsule

Legal Category

Food Supplement

List of Ingredients

Soya Bean Oil, Co-Enzyme Q10, Gelatin, Glycerine, Beeswax, Lecithin, Water, Black Iron Oxide.

Customer Reviews

99% of customers like and recommend Coenzyme Q10 from 185 reviews (showing latest 50 reviews)
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Review Details
Nothing else to improve upon.
Service Rating : This company is highly reliable, and their service impeccable. I would, and do, recommend Just Vitamins to friends and acquaintances who might be interested in using supplements
Product: I have quite a serious heart condition, and take Q10 enzyme as a supplement to prescribed medication; I believe the Q10 helps considerably as I certainly feel much more stable,and, coupled with a healthier diet, feel considerably fitter than I ought to in the circumstances. I take 400mg on a daily basis, and will continue to do so.
Service Rating : Fast, no fuss service, and great value & quality! Thanks, Sylvia.
Product: E xcellent product
Service Rating : 2 shipments - dlvry to Sweden in 5 and 7 days.
Product: Fabulous. I have been diagnosed with exhaust syndrom and have struggled for more than a year to come back to normal. This has been my miracle medicine. I'm in great mood, get things done at work and still have energy left for the family. Simply amazing. I never expected this.
Service Rating : Good value, great quick delivery
Product: Good quality, competitive price
Service Rating : Well packaged and fast delivery
Product: Good product, my wife rates them very highly. Healthspan was twice the price
Service Rating : Speedy, responsive sevice. Letter box friendly What's not to like?
Product: As far As I know these are the genuine article. I am not a chemist.
EXCELLENT SERVICE. Good price compared to other suppliers. Satisfied customer!
Service Rating : Great, convenient packaging, comes through letter box, very quick service
Product: Seems to help with husbands cold feet due to statins
Service Rating : quality product, great prices, fast free delivery
Product: quality product, great prices, fast free delivery
Did not get the delivery yet :(
Service Rating : I buy online a lot and this company provides the quickest turnaround on orders of any of my regular suppliers.
Product: This is the most recommended supplement for those suffering from underactive thyroid. It helps to convert my food into usable energy and I'm much less routinely tired.
As Above
Service Rating : Excellent service, good product. I will always buy what vitamins I require from Just Vitamins, and recommend them to friends .
Product : I take this in the hope that it will improve a heart condition I have; it does seem to help quite a lot.
Service Rating : Good service
Product : Do you mean size, shape, colour, easy to swallow? ?
Service Rating : V efficient. Good product. Arrived quickly.
Product : Migraine
Service Rating : Easy to use website, speedy delivery.
Product : Good value.
Service Rating : Good range and usually good delivdery
Product : Will continue to use
Service Rating : Always very reliable, quick and efficient
Product : My husband suffered from extremely cold feet and legs to the painful stage, probably caused by statins, and these Q10 hae solved the problem.
Service Rating : I order by telephone and I always get answered promptly and efficiently and the delivery time is very quick and I appreciate the immediate email acknowledgment. Thank you for such a good service.
Product : I use co-enzyme Q10 because I have heart failure and have read how beneficial it is for people with my condition. I am very encouraged by what I have read and simply take them in faith that it helps with my condition. I have no other way of evaluating their effectiveness.
Service Rating : Service and delivery are always excellent. Offering a time- limited discount a month after I've ordered supplements lasting 3 or six months is too cynical a marketing ploy. The same offer two weeks before renewal is due would show more consideration for a regular customer. I've unsubscribed from the emails because of this.
Product : I use Q10 top strength because I'm on statins and I'd heard they give you more energy. I was cynical at first but I found it to be true. After feeling really well only a few days a month I'm now on top form every day. I'm very pleased with JV's Q10.
Service Rating : Prompt delivery and imaginatively pragmatic packaging.
Product : For extra energy - not convinced they can beat ageing process, however!
Always good value and the service is excellent.
I am a very regular returning customer and love
Just Vitamins.
Service Rating : Fast delivery and excellent service.
Product : Good quality product.
Great service
Quick and easy
Good quick service.
i do not have problem. I would like to thank you for your products.
Fast delivery in sensible packaging
Service Rating : Well packaged and reasonable delivery times
Product : I use Q10 because I take statins
Service Rating : my only concern is that we appear not to be experiencing any of the improvements suggested for Q10 400mg
Product : No apparent effect.
The question arrises as to whether or not the product is genuine???
all products arrived promptly and correctly. very good service.
Service Rating : Excellent delivery. Received the product on the 3rd working day
Product : Too soon to determine how this is having an effect
Service Rating : A1
Product : A1
Always prompt and delivers to Europe for a reasonable postage... am a repeat customer so they must be doing a great job!
Very good service
Really very good.
Service Rating : Really quick order processing whilst they had been dispatched it took a long time to arrive in the post.
Product : Sport.
No problems
Service Rating : Fantastic service
Product : Wonderful product good price, good packaging, fast delivery and excellent customer service
Je recommande vivement ce site; excellent rapport qualité/prix; livraison rapide; produits de qualité et sûrs.
Service Rating : Always good service. Sometimes have difficulty paying online and adding to cart
Product : Find them very good for energy
Service Rating : Very quick delivery service
Product : Highest mg and competitive price
Excellent product and service.
letter box packages means no waiting in for post
Service Rating : Always prompt delivery with letterbox size package.
Product : I take statins on prescription and take coenzyme q10 as a suggested supplement. I like the high strength.
Service Rating : Fast & efficient delivery. Recommended.
Product : Seems to be reasonably priced item.
Service Rating : very prompt delivery-always
Product : top class
Service Rating : Fast and reliable deliver.
Product : Great product
Great packaging and service

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